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Canada Halts Transfer Of Afghan Prisoners

The government of Canada has quietly ceased transferring any Afghan prisoners captured by their forces to the government of Afghanistan due to concerns over treatment of detainees. In a letter to Amnesty International and the British Columbia Civil Liberties Assocation, Canadian authorities said they had ceased sending detainees to the control of Afghan forces following complaints of abuse by one prisoner. A Canadian human rights officer discovered braided electrical wire and a rubber hose while interviewing a detainee who claimed to have been beaten with the torture implements. The letter sent to human rights groups stated bluntly, “there have ben no transfers of detainees to Afghan authorities since that date.”

Athough Canada has not revealed the number of prisoners transferred to Afghan control it is estimated to range as high as 200. It appears Canadian authorities fear continuing to send prisoners to certain torture eventually will be used by human rights groups in attacking Canada as a supporter of torture and violation of international rules concerning treatment of prisoners.