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Why Are Romas Leaving Czech Republic For Canada?

The decision by the Canadian government to again require visas for those in the Czech Republic to come to Canada is without question an effort to confront issues related to migration of Romas from their nation. Most Romany activists believe well-educated Czech Romanies who are integrated within the society may have decided it was wiser to leave before things become worse in a nation which contains a sizable number of right wing bigots who openly display hatred toward those who are “different.” It is also believed poor Romas are leaving for the simple reason they can not find good jobs and Canada appears to offer better economic opportunities for success.

Jozef Holek, who specializes in Roma issues, argues, “A common romany without education has almost zero chance to find a job and his position in society is completely frustrating in all aspects.” There is also the possible explanation that many Romas do not possess a deep patriotism for a society which regards them as inferior and they may well prefer seeking the patriotism of fellow countrymen who live in Canada. An unanswered question is whether or not key leaders of the Roma community are leaving.

Czech Republic And Romas Furious At Canada

The Czech Republic government is up in arms at recent decisions by Canada to re-impose visas for citizens from its country who wish to travel to their country. In Canada, the Roma community of Toronto is also angry because it believes re-introduction of visas was aimed at halting further influx of Romas who are fleeing from human rights abuses in the Czech Republic. Paul St. Clair, an activist from the Roma Community Center in Toronto accused Canada of shutting the door on people who are fleeing from terror. Human rights activists note the increase in neo-Nazi groups assaulting Romas in the Czech Republic, and discrimination in areas like education and jobs for those of Roma heritage.

The increase in neo-Nazi groups in eastern Europe has been stimulated by the presence of Romas who are treated like second class citizens in many nations. Romas flee to Canada seeking a new life free from persecution. Perhaps, the solution lies in addressing Czech Republic issues, not those of Canada.

Immigrants And Learning Language

The learning of a language when an individual migrates to a new nation is critically important in initiating the process of integration. I was raised in an immigrant family in which neither of my parents could speak English on arrival, but they took night classes and learned English in the course of daily life. Canada’s citizenship minister is concerned because “only a quarter of newcomers are enrolling in the programs that are offered by organizations…Common sense just tells me that 25 percent is too low and we’d like to see more people enrolling.” He fears children will grow up in neighborhoods in which old ways dominate over Canadian ones. jason Kenney wants to ensure immigrants understand Canadian history and values.

The good news is that most immigrant children absorb their new country’s past as well as its language. The bad news is that parents will always lag behind children in becoming emotionally and intellectually part of their new society. Perhaps, it is time for Canada to explore alternative strategies that lead to learning language as well as to becoming part of the Canadian experience. But, history suggests in most societies the process is never 100% successful.

Canada Decries Czech Republic Violence Towards Romas

Canada has witnessed a significant growth in the number of Roma immigrants from the Czech Republic and in the course of attempting to uncover reasons for their flight from Europe, it has become clear Romas face persecution and violence in their native country. The Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board sent investigators to Europe to explore the situation of Romas in the Czech Republic. They found at times Romas are not protected by authorities and local police are frequently indifferent to attacks by racists on Romas. They more than often treat Romas as the criminals rather than victims when neo-Fascist groups attack Roma communities.

At a shelter in Toronto, Zaneta Gananova lifted her shirt to show two swastikas that had been carved into her skin by skin head fascists. As they cut into her body, they laughed and said, “Hey Gypsy, today you will die.” She did not, but there are reports of Romas who have been killed. The usual reaction of local police is to promise to “investigate the problem.”

Nearly 1,100 Czech Republic Romas claimed refugee status so far this year. Is anyone in the Czech Republic interested why people flee from your country?

Who Has The Pink Tattoo On Her Buttocks?

Sylvie Menard, was on her way home to Canada after a relaxing vacation in Mexico when airport authorities made her enter a room and strip in order to have police examine her buttocks. It appears they were seeking a criminal who has a pink tattoo on her rear end and since Ms. Menard has the same name, it was only natural to make her lower her panties and reveal that she does not have a pink tattoo. A spokesperson for the Canada Border Services Agency says he can not discuss the case since it is rather confidential and while the Border Services might make a mistake now and then about buttocks, they had reasonable grounds to examine the buttocks of Ms. Menard. “We can’t let someone enter the country unless we’re absolutely certain about their identity.”

Given that airports require everyone to remove shoes because some nut tried to light his shoes, I assume we will now all be required to lower our undergarments and allow guards to check our asses for terrorist tattoos. Or, we could adopt the suggestion offered to Ms. Mernard by a policeman who said she should change her name to avoid future confusion. Thank God our borders are protected by such intelligent agents of rear ends!

Sri Lanka Hiding War Damage

Canadian Liberal MP, Bob Rae, has for many years been actively engaged in seeking to assist efforts to bring peace to Sri Lanka. In the past month, Sri Lankan forces have finally brought to an end the brutal civil war which has raged for over twenty five years. However, there is concern in many countries over the manner in which the government will deal with refugees who were caught in the difficult fighting to end the war. Bob Rae arrived at Bandaranaike airport on a mission to investigate the refugee situation only to be informed he could not enter the country. “We finally got a message saying that if I admitted that I had made statements that were ill informed or something like that, they might reconsider the decision.” He asked authorities to identify the specific statements but they refused.

The aftermath of a civil war is as important as its beginning. Mr. Rae cares about the people of Sri Lanka and has made ten trips over the past decade in his efforts to assist attaining peace. It is Orwellian to ask people to sign statements they made incorrect remarks without specifying exactly what was wrong.

Canada Debates Who Is An Indian

The Canadian government is investigating the need to change the Indian Act which discriminates against Indian women who marry someone who is not of Indian background. The government has decided to amend the act after being ordered to obey a court order which allowed an Indian women’s children to pass on their heritage to their own children. Sharon McIvor and her son Charles Grismer are fighting provisions of the act which would not have allowed Mr. Grismer’s children to claim their grandmother’s Indian heritage.

Indian status involves a wide range of entitlements, including health benefits, money for education and exemption from some taxes. The 1985 amendments allowed Indian men who married non-Indian women to claim their heritage for life. This will now be allowed for Indian women.

Hysteria Triumphs Up North On Canadian Border

Over the past two hundred years the people of Canada and the United States have lived in peace and been allies in several wars that were fought overseas. Each year millions of people peacefully cross one border or the other to shop, visit friends or go on vacation. There has not been the slightest evidence of any form of terrorism in the border region but the forces of hysteria are alive in Washington D.C. There is a 3,000 mile border which can fairly easily be crossed by anyone with the determination and a few dollars to spend, but Washington D.C. bureaucrats believe making people produce passports somehow will end the non-existent threat. Of course, about 70% of Americans do not have passports which means thousands, if not millions of people, who might ordinarily hop across the border will cease doing so.

When will the madness of “terrorism” pass and common sense return? There is absolutely no reason to require passports on the American-Canadian border. What ever happened to the Obama promise the days of Bush madness will end? I guess we now have Obama madness.

Off With The Head In Saudi Arabia!

A Canadian citizen is being held in Saudi Arabia and will most probably lose his head in the coming days despite his claim a confession produced in court was the result of torture. Obviously, anyone outside of Saudi Arabia can not state if Mohamed Kohail is innocent or guilty since the event occurred in Saudi Arabia and access to a fair trial is certainly not among the most notable examples of the due process in that nation. Mr. Kohail and a Jordanian friend were convicted of murder after a fight broke out between the two men and some teenagers. The two insisted they were defending themselves, but the confession that was produced in court was the main evidence to prove their guilt. Dan McTeague, a Canadian MP, has been investigating the case and believes the men are innocent. He is also upset the Canadian government has made no effort to conduct its own investigation even though one of its citizens may soon be without his head.

Yes, Saudi Arabia is among the defenders of “democracy” against Muslim extremists. The problem is when it comes to justice, no terrorist in the world can match the terrorism of the Saudi Arabian government. Beyond, off with the head and give them a 100 lashes, what exactly is the major legal concept the Saudis offer the world?

To Cut Or Not To Cut In World Of Multiculturalism?

Every so often in the world of multiculturalism political correctness an issue arises which presents dilemmas that even the most important sages of respecting cultural rights find difficult to resolve. An aboriginal boy in Canada was working at his computer and encountered difficulty seeing due to some bangs which got in the way of reading. A teaching assistant took him into the corridor and cut a few strands of hair off in order to aid his reading. She is now suspended and there is talk of a law suit by parents because the boy lost some strands of hair. Ah, the dilemmas of life!

Everyone agrees the teacher aide simply was trying to help the boy see and was not upset at his long hair, but this misses the point of the modern world. The mother has hired a lawyer who specializes in human rights. After all, we all know that hair length is among the most important human rights of the twentieth century.