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Canadian PM Rejects Court Order On Khadr Release

The ongoing saga of Omar Khadr continues since Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to obey a court order which demanded that Canada ensure the release of the young man from the prison at Guanatanamo Bay. Federal Court Justice James O’Reilly said Canada had denied the Toronto born Khadr his constitutional rights to a fair trial as well as violating international law protecting children captured in an armed conflict. Khar was a teenager when captured by American soldiers in Afghanistan. O’Reilly emphasized that “Canada had a duty to protect Mr. Khadr from being subjected to any torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.” The prime minister told Parliament he would continue looking into the matter but refused to take any positive action.

A nation does not get to pick and choose which of its citizens it will protect. Khadr was a fifteen year old boy when captured in 2002 and he has now been in prison for seven years. Judge O’Reilly pointed out that America flouted international law by not providing “special status as a minor” when they captured the young boy. This is simply another sad story in the ongoing saga of Bush’s violation of international law.

Romas Worry About Racist Attacks In Czech Republic

Omas in the Czech Republic are concerned by recent attacks including fire bombing a home which resulted in injuries to children. Members of the Romany communities are considering development of plans for quick escape in case there are other such assaults. There is also a growing feeling that emigration might be the only solution in dealing with the ongoing prejudice against Romas in the Czech Republic. About 570 Czech Romas applied for emigration to Canada in January and February which contrasts with the total of 853 for the entire year of 2008.

There is something sad when hundreds of people who have spent their lives in a nation believe they must leave in order to ensure personal safety. Undoubtedly, they will find homes in Canada and opportunities for their children to obtain a decent education. But, their departure is also a loss for the Czech people because it means something is missing in a society which forces people to flee for their lives.

Czech Republic Exports Romas To Canada!

There are many ways in which a society confronts issues of multiculturalism including creating programs that work to end conflict between groups within society. The Czech Republic has found a new way to deal with issues of prejudice and bigotry–export the problem to another country and let them handle it! Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney called on the Czech Republic government to crack down on the practice of sending dozens of Roma people to Canada on the pretext they are refugees fleeing from abuse. In 2007, Canada did not receive a single example of a Czech Republic person seeking refugee status but in 2008 there were 853 complaints from people claiming to be fleeing from alleged persecution in the Czech Republic democracy. These refugees now place seventh in the world of those seeking a refugee status in Canada.

Canada has agreed to maintain its visa exemption for people from the Czech Republic but they also want action taken on the flood of false claims for refugee status. Is there any possibility that Romas are being encouraged to flee the Czech Republic by those who want to get rid of them?

Canadians Worry About Obama Border Plans

Barack Obama has a dozen problems on his plate ranging from dealing with terrorism to the economic future of his nation, but for some reason, the president also feels the need to add new issues to the list. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano mentioned while in Canada that she had concerns about America’s border with her northern neighbor and this might result in using the same tactics to Canada that are currently used on the border with Mexico. She mused about the importance of treating all borders the same and applying the idea of fences and border patrols to the Canadian border as though somehow there is fear of immigrants pouring across and entering America as well as bringing in illegal drugs.

The idea of “border parity” makes absolutely no sense and it merely a way of creating a problem where none exists. If Napolitano is worried about “securing” America’s border with Canada, then America must be prepared to spend billions of dollars against a non-existent threat. What exactly is going on in the mind of Barack Obama? Does anyone know?

Fox News Once Again Airs Lies!

Truth is a stranger who has never knocked at the door of the Fox News organization. Fox News displayed its ignorance once again by lambasting Canada for failing to do its fair share in the fighting in Afghanistan. Greg Gutfeld, host of “Red Eye” thought he was cute by making satirical comments concerning the incompetence of Canada’s military for daring to suggest its armed forces would need some recuperation time after completing its current assignment in Afghanistan. Among the insulting remarks was the suggestion that Canada depended on the USA for its security. The show aired just as the bodies of four Canadian soldiers were returned to their homes after they fell fighting in Afghanistan. Fox apologized and said they did not mean to insult Canadian soldiers.

Among the panelists who displayed ignorance was one who said he never knew there were any Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. Actually, Canada has lost 116 soldiers fighting in Afghanistan which is about one seventh the total of Americans who died.

Ignorance of our northern neighbor should not shock anyone, particularly those working for Fox news that paragon of ignorance. By the way, “Red Eye” did you know there were Canadians fighting in Europe during WWII before any Americans showed up and that thousands of Canadians landed on D-Day? Where ignorance is bliss there appears another talking head at Fox news.

If stupidity was a virtue, the entire Fox network would be saints in heaven.

Immigration– Up Or Down- What To Do In Recession?

As the recession ripples through Canadian society, the government is examining whether or not to stabilize, reduce or increase immigration. The 1990s was the only prior experience in Canada when the immigration issue arose during a period of economic instability. In 993, unemployment rose to 11.4% even as immigration hit 256,00 people arriving. As experts review the 1990s experience they are concluding immigration, overall, had a positive impact on dealing with the recession. It appears 1990s immigrants were fairly well educated and they plunged into work by establishing new business enterprises and purchasing homes. A large number of the immigrants were from India or China or Hong Kong and they arrived with strong desires for home ownership which assisted the recovering of the housing market.

Undoubtedly, a major issue is whether immigrants will stimulate production as has been the case in the Silicon Valley in California where they have created thousands of new jobs. On the other hand, many immigrants work in occupations that native born people, despite being unemployed, do not wish to enter such as fruit picking or construction.

It’s Not Us, It’s You, Says US To Canada!

The American people consume a considerable amount of drugs which usually enters the nation form Mexico or Canada or elsewhere. The United States State Department once again gave a warning to another country to get their act together on the drug issue rather than looking inward and assuming responsibility for what its own citizens do about drugs. The new report charges, “Canada’s continued role as a source for ecstasy to US markets highlights the need for greater co-operation in tracking precursor chemical activity.” In other words, it is your fault that Americans use drugs. The Americans point out that Canada has been experimenting with programs to work with drug addicts which entail supervised injections.

Americans apparently want to use drugs. How about the United States trying an experiment in which drugs are legalized and supervised by the government? Is the problem we Americans and our desires or is the problem that other nations supply us with what we want to do?

Niqab Or No Niqab In Canada?

Rose DiManno, writing in the Toronto Star, raises issues concerning a current case in the Canadian court system in which a judge has ruled that a woman who charges she was assaulted must reveal her entire face to the defendant on the ground the accused has a right to confront the accuser. Judge Norris Weisman said the woman did not have a right to wear her niqab because the man who is accused of the crime has a right to see the face of the person making charges against him. Ms. DiManno argues there is no iron clad rule the accused has a right to physically confront the accuser and notes that children are protected and, in certain cases, women can be shown on a TV monitor to the defendant. “The law is a living thing,” notes the reporter, and, in this case, the woman has the right to wear her niqab in accordance with her religious and cultural belief.

The issue is never either-or and law can show some flexibility. An issue is which rights does the accused possessed in such a situation. In this case, the charge is a physical assault which would suggest, the accused at least has the right to see the woman making the charge. The judge pointed out the woman felt it was OK to get a driver’s license without displaying her face.

No AWOL Deportations Promise Canadian Leaders

The government of Stephen Harper has cooperated with US authorities in returning AWOL American soldiers to America. However, Liberal and New Democratic politicians promised if the current Harper government falls, they would protect AWOL soldiers from being returned. Liberal Mario Silva said: “To all those brave men and women who have in fact objected to the (Iraq) war we say, bravo. We say welcome, you should be here in Canada.” The House of Commons in Canada passed a resolution in June calling for a cease in returning AWOL men and women to the states.

New Democrat Olivia Chow, emphasized, “we are a nation of compassion and peace. We really should not deport war resisters into American jails.” We sometime forget the brave men and woman who fought in Iraq were sent there because their president lied to them. To lie to men and women who are sent into combat should result in jail time for those who lied.

Bill Ayers Prevented From Entering Canada!

Professor William Ayers from the University of Illinois was asked to speak at the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Urban Schooling, but when he got off the plane in Toronto, Professor Ayers was informed he was not allowed in the nation of Canada because he apparently was a threat to the country’s survival. After he got off the plane, “the border guards reviewed some stuff and said I wasn’t going to be allowed into Canada.” According to officials with the Canada Border Service Agency, the “Ayers Case” could not be publicly discussed. During the recent election campaign noted defenders of free speech such as Sarah Palin and John McCain cited the background of Ayers who belonged to the Weather Underground group about forty years ago. Professor Ayers has written or edited numerous books and is active in urban education.

If the past plays a role in determining who is allowed into Canada, will the Canadian Border Agency bar Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and George Bush from entering since they are associated with terrorism in Iraq that has cost the lives of over 4,000 American soldiers as well as the deaths of thousands of Iraqis?

Grow up Canada and join the modern world.