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Canadian Union Leader Apologizes-Sort Of

Sid Ryan head of CUPE which is the largest union in Ontario apologized for comparing Israel bombing of academic institutions in Gaza to the actions of Nazism but did not back down from his outrageous demand that any Jewish or Israeli member of an academic institution must publicly condemn actions in Gaza by the Israel Defense Force. “I made some remarks about the actions of the Israeli army and that was a stupid statement for me to make. I unequivocally apologize.” However, he would not back down from demanding public apologizes from anyone who is Jewish or Israeli and insisted those who do not should be boycotted.

Over 5,000,000 people have been murdered in the Congo and hundreds of thousands of women raped, but Mr. Ryan sees no need for apologies. Over 200,000 have died in the Sudan, but from Ryan’s perspective there is no need for any Sudan academic to apology. Pakistan has witnessed the death of thousands, but no demands from Ryan for apologies. Iran violates human rights every day and debases women, but from the Ryan perspective that does not call for apologies. In Zimbabwe, not 600, but over 1,700 have died from cholera due to the policies of President Mugabe, but no apologies needed.

Why Israel and Jews alone are required to apologize? I assume Mr. Ryan never requested apologies from those of Irish heritage when the IRA killed dozens of innocent people. Mr. Ryan is a bigot, and hypocrite of the first order. In his mind set, if you are a Canadian Jew then somehow you are bound to denounce Israel policy. I thought a Canadian Jew was a Canadian.

Canadian Union Leader Proposes Boycott Of Jews!

The president of the largest union in the province of Ontario is proposing boycotting Jews and Israelis who refuse to condemn the actions of Israel in bombing schools and other institutions in Gaza. According to Sid Ryan, “academic freedom goes both ways. What we are saying is if they want to remain silent and be complicit in these kinds of actions, why should they enjoy the freedom to come and teach in other countries like Canada?” Mr. Ryan raises some interesting issues which he most probably fails to understand. Is it his assumption that if one is Jewish the individual must oppose Israel actions in Gaza or face the consequence of being boycotted? If one is born and raised in Canada and happens to be Jewish, does this mean that individual will be singled out about Israel policies? Why shouldn’t Christian or Muslim academics be required to make a statement that states their opposition to Israel policies?

If one takes the Ryan approach to “academic freedom,” if he is against abortion, must all Catholic school teachers be against abortion or face the consequences of being boycotted? Should all those of Iranian heritage teaching in schools come out against the actions of the Iranian government which is anti-female and stifles academic freedom? I assume since Mr. Ryan is of Irish heritage, he would have supported a boycott of any person who was Irish who did not take a public stand against the IRA when that organization was killing civilians?

A person who is a Canadian Jew is a Canadian. A person who is a Canadian Catholic is Canadian. Once we take the Ryan approach, every person living in North America is now responsible for what happens in their nation of origin whether it be one or two or three hundreds years ago that their ancestors arrived in Canada.

Drugs And Troops In Afghanistan

One of the recurring nightmares of the Vietnam War was entrapping thousands of American soldiers in the clutches of drugs. A new report from Canada raises issues concerning how being in Afghanistan will impact its nation’s soldiers in regard to the use or sale of drugs. “Access to illicit drugs in Afghanistan is routine,” reads the report. “Easy access to heroin, hashish, cannabis presents a temptation for (Canadian) troops in the form of personal use and in the form of importation for the purpose of trafficking.” The war in Afghanistan is one in which brutality becomes the norm, in which planes drop bombs on “terrorists” and in the process kill innocent civilians which requires finding explanations for killing the innocent as well as the guilty.

We inhabit a world in which both selling and using drugs have become normal activities in even the most middle class neighborhoods as well as among those in poverty. The report indicates as of this point there is no widespread Canadian use of drugs, but the future is less clear. Why assume that soldiers are not subject to temptation of money?

Should Canada Deport US War Resisters?

The Canadian government is prepared to deport US soldiers who fled to their country because they believe the war in Iraq is a criminal action. The War Resisters Support Campaign says former soldier, Cliff Cornell, has been told he must leave Canada by December 24 or face removal by force. The organization is asked Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to halt all deportation of war resisters. They want federal authorities to implement a motion passed by the Canadian parliament in June to prevent deportation of “conscientious objectors” to wars not sanctioned by the United Nations and they should be allowed to apply for permanent resident status. Kenney’s office insists US military deserters are not genuine refugees.

During the war in Vietnam, the people of Canada welcomed American deserters who fled the horror of that war, but today, the Canadian government is refusing to recognize the horror of Iraq and Afghanistan. Any soldiers who deserts knows he/she faces serious jail time so to make that decision entails careful consideration of what is right or wrong in life. It is a conscious decision by individuals who are conscientious objectors.

Iran Human Rights Defense Is Going On Attack

The cleric dominated government of Iran is among the world’s worst offenders of female rights and allowing fundamental opportunities for government opponents to freely express their views. Just about every month people are executed on the basis of limited evidence they are “spies.” After Canada dared to suggest the United Nations pass a resolution condemning the Iran government of violating human rights, the clerics rose to the challenge by employing an aggressive offense instead of dealing with the charges. Iran charged Canada was a hypocritical nation because of widespread abuse of its native Indian population. The proposed Canadian resolution dealt with repressing female rights, stoning to death women, executions of juveniles, discrimination against minorities such as members of the Bahai faith, and restrictions on freely practicing religious beliefs that differed with the Muslim faith.

Yes, there is discrimination against indigenous people in Canada, but the government is working to deal with those abuses. It is one thing to discuss issues of discrimination, it is another when women are stoned to death on grounds they committed adultery.

Canadian Mosque Denounces West And Jews

A Toronto based mosque has been demanding that Canadian business establishments allow Muslim women to follow their religious practices while at the same time it denounces Western ideas and spreads hatred against Jews. The Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque serves over 10,000 Muslims in Toronto and supports efforts by some Somalia women to be allowed to follow their religious practices while at work. The mosque website frequently refers to Westerners as “wicked,” “corrupt,” “our clear enemies” and even blames Jews as the cause of changing clothing attire it deems to violate the Muslim religion. The website suggests watching sporting events in which women compete is against Muslim practice since they wear skimpy clothes.

At the center of the women’s case against a UPS plant is the company’s policy on clothing. UPS is concerned that a longer dress might pose safety threats and insists all people working in its plant adhere to the same clothing requirements. On one hand, the mosque defends the right of Muslim women to wear their own style clothes, but on the other hand it argues Muslim women should not work outside the home. According to the website, “It is in clear opposition t the texts of the Shariah that order the women to remain in their houses and to fulfill the type of work that is particular for her.” However, these women indicated they had to work for economic reasons.

Lesbian Parents Attacked Outside of School!

It was a pleasant sunny day and parents of a six year old boy were talking quietly as they waited for him to exit the elementary school in Canada. There were several other parents standing with them as the group prepared to pick up their children and take them home. Suddenly, Jane Currie and her partner, Anji Dimitriou, heard the angry voice of a father who walked up to them and began shouting, “which one of you two men spoke to my kid? F—— dyke. Lesbians,” and then he spit in their faces. As Dimitriou wiped her face, she then felt blows from the man hit her body as he continued shouting and cursing them. It all happened in a split second and was over because another man and a woman pushed the man away from the parents. Actually, it wasn’t the first time this man had cursed them in public in front of other parents.

As this example of hate and anger was taking place, their son came out of the school and stood there watching in horror as his parents were assaulted in front of him. He began screaming as the horror took place, a six year old child exposed to hate that lies in the heart of a sick man.

The police are still debating whether this incident can be classified as a “hate crime.” Or, is it simply an example of a deranged man shouting? Anyway, other parents are gathering at the school to defend the rights of these two women.

Canadian Government Seeks Climate Deal With Obama

The Canadian government seeks to negotiate with an incoming president Obama on issues of climate change since there has been nothing but failure in its attempts to work with the Bush administration. Officials told the Canadian press, the Harper government has been looking forward expectantly to the hope of engaging in serious discussions with someone who actually is interested in dealing with global warming. Canadian officials believe it is time to develop a continent-wide solution to global warming.

The Canadian government has been frustrated for years by the failure of George Bush’s inability or unwillingness to deal with climate issues. It is difficult for Canada to confront this issue without the close cooperation of its neighbor, the United States of America. The times they are a’changing and hopefully, for the good in our fight to deal with global warming.

Report Vindicates Innocence Of Canadian Muslims

A report issued by a Canadian inquiry vindicated the innocence of three Canadian Muslims who were tortured and abused overseas. The report slams foreign officials for failing to provide consular services to its citizens who were in their countries. The overall conclusion was that Canadian actions and inactions “indirectly” or “likely contributed” to the detentions of two and the torture suffered of the other at the hands of Syrian interrogators who mistakenly thought the detainee was somehow connected to a terrorist organization. A difficulty cited in the report in determining the actions of the men is failure on the part of anyone to conduct a trial, present evidence, allow cross examination or even allow the men to present their defense after unilaterally charged with crimes.

Critics who charged their government failed to protect the rights of its citizens were concerned that no names of Canadian officials appear in the report. Of course, the Canadian government never apologized for allowing a foreign nation to imprison and torture its citizens.

Canada Extends Jurisdiction In Arctic Area

Canada has decided to extend its jurisdiction in the Arctic area by doubling the range at which Canadian environmental laws and shipping regulations from 100 nautical miles offshore to 200. “Whether is is the thawing of the Northwest Passage or the suspected resource riches under the Arctic seabed, more countries are taking an interest in the waterways of the Canadian Arctic,” said Prime Minister Harper. He emphasized the need for Canada to send a clear message to the world that it will make decisions regarding environmental issues regardless of what other nations may believe about that decision. “If you are in Canada’s Arctic, you will be playing by Canada’s rules.”

The Canadian statement raises many issues– will the world now witness a mad dash by nations to claim this or that claim to land that is now frozen. Perhaps, it is time to place these areas under jurisdiction of the United Nations.