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Sad Story Of Canadian Boy’s Interrogation Revealed

The story of Omar Khadr continues unraveling much to the dismay of the American military and Canadian officials who colluded in the torture and brutalization of a Canadian citizen. Omar Khadr was a fifteen year old boy whose family brought him to al-Qaeda headquarters in the wilds of Afghanistan and during an operation by US Special Forces, the boy was wounded. American officials insist Khadr was involved in shooting US troops although this claim has ever been proven. The initial interrogation of a fifteen year old boy took place while he lay in a hospital bed with two gaping wounds from being shot in the back. Former US soldier, Damien Corsett, says he could actually watch body functions on the monitor as he questioned the boy.

Kahdr insists he was tortured by interrogators and when he told this to Canadian officials they refused to believe his story. A Pentagon document includes the actual words of the Canadian youth. “During this first interrogation, the young blond haired man would often (censored) if I did not give him answers he wanted. Several times he forced me to (censored) which caused me (censored) due to my (censored). Khadr insists he was threatened with rape and beatings if he did not respond to questions in the manner desired by US interrogators.

There is little doubt a 15 year old boy was subject to sleep deprivation and threats in order to obtain a confession. There is also little doubt a trained interrogator could most probably have obtained the information using normal procedures such as winning the trust of the boy and getting him to freely talk. The brutalization of Khadr is simply an example of the brutalization of America by the Bush administration which never trusted telling the truth to its own people.

Did Military Alter Battle Report To Blame Canadian Boy?

The attorney for Omar Khadr charged at a pretrial hearing that a U.S. military commander altered a report on a firefight in Afghanistan to cast blame for the death of a Delta Force commando on a Canadian youth who was captured after the shooting stopped. Navy Lt. Cmdr. William Kuebler, made the allegation in order to gain access to to the officer who is identified only as Col. W. and Kuebler also wanted access to details about the interrogation process in order to clear his client of war-crime charges. Khadr is charged with throwing a grenade that killed an American soldier inJuly, 2002.

Kuebler charges the official report on the incident was revised to say a U.S. soldier had only “engaged” the assailant even though the report writen the day after the killing said the American had been killed by the man who threw the grenade and was subsequently shot. Army Col. Bruce Pagel, chief prosecutor, says the government doesn’t fabricate evidence and the information will be presented at the trial.

Kuebler has raised questions about statements Khadr, who was fifteen at the time, made to interrogators since he was still suffering from wounds when questioned. The defense attorney was furious information was not being given him in order to assist in defending his client.

I suspect the American people do not believe our government never alters evidence. After all, how did the war in Iraq begin?