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No Room At The Inn For Black Toronto Single Black Women

Kristen Stewart is a single teenage mom whose skin is black and when the landlord opened the door and saw it was a young black woman he made clear there was no room at his inn for such people. A ground breaking study conducted by the Canadian Center for Equality Rights in Accomodation offered statistical evidence that Kristen was not the only black single teenage mom who cannot find housing in the right Toronto rental market. According to the report, “even when rental housing is available, thousands of marginalized individuals and families cannot make it through the door” and secure an apartment. The Center had individuals with heavy South Asian accents apply for an apartment only to be told there was none open, but an hour later a man who called with a European name and accent was offered an apartment.

There is nothing new in such discrimination. A hundred years ago, east European Jews and Catholics were denied the right to live in many areas of the United States. Today, the descendants of those who faced discrimination use the same words of hate to deny those who seek a decent place to live. Plus ca change, plus c’est le meme chose.