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A Woman Trapped In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is among the countries which allegedly are engaged in the fight to stamp out terrorism in the world. However, it is also a country in which sharia law is evident regarding the treatment of women. Nathalie Morin, a Canadian woman, fell in love with a man from Saudi Arabia and returned with him to his homeland. She has three children with the Saudi man and is now trapped in limbo in an apartment in Saudi Arabia where she must obey her husband and can not even leave to go outside without his permission. In a recent call home to her mother, Nathalie said: “I want to come back to Canada” but she cannot leave without permission of the husband. The Canadian government insists it contacted the Saudis who sent someone to investigate and all they discovered was a happy man and woman.

Nathalie came back twice to Canada but returned to Saudi Arabia where the children were living with dad. The Canadian government insists she returned on her own free will, but in prior cases, she did not have her children with her in Canada. She told her mother of an abusive relationship that she could not escape due to the children being under the control of her husband.

This is simply another case of the rights of women in Saudi Arabia. After all, Saudi Arabia is the nation which funded militant groups all over the world which have created chaos and destruction. Perhaps, if Saudi Arabia truly supported democracy within its own nation, it might support democracy in other nations.