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Cuban Socialist Medicine System Outdoes US In Cancer

American conservatives constantly denounce any effort to create a government sponsored health system and invariably claim socialized medicine systems lag behind the United States in medical care. The first ever global study of cancer, which was conducted by cancer epidemiologist Professor Michel Coleman of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine, examined cancer data from 31 nations. The study focused on the number of people who survive for at least five years after being treated for cancer. “On the numbers alone Cuba beats the US with the best survival rates in all but prostrate cancer” although there is still not complete evidence on all Cuban deaths. The United States takes the lead in breast and prostrate cancer overall and is in second place in colorectal cancer for both men and women.

The United Kingdom ranks lower than most European Union nations in cancer survival. In an interesting aside, Coleman points out in some countries patients appear to get good care wherever they are– which is not the case in the US despite its apparently good performance. The study suggests survival from cancer depends on access to diagnostic and treatment services, how much a nation spends on cancer care.