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Is There A Caner In The House?

The Malaysian government went through the process of trying a 32 year-old model, Kartika Sari Dewi, for the horrific crime of having a drink of alcohol and then discovered they had a problem– there was not a caner in the house who had the skills to flog a woman! The Home Minister said, “I have to admit we do not have experience in this case… I cannot allow it if we do not have the expertise.” Sharia law outlines procedures for the caning of a woman, and for some reason there is no one in Malaysia with those skills.

I am quite willing to give a few whacks for the right price. I promise not to break any skin or even make the woman cry out in pain. I think Malaysia needs to create a corps of “painless caners” who are ready to jump into action and pretend they are caning. In this way, caning occurs, no one is hurt, and it sends a vivid message to those who want to have a beer the consequence of that evil act is performing in a Kabuki performance of pretend caning.

Malaysian Model Sentenced To Caning For Beer

The decision by an Islamic court to impose a fine and caning to a Malaysian model for the crime of having a beer has shocked many people in the nation. Malaysia is a multicultural nation although a majority of its inhabitants are Muslim and this has resulted in creating a Sharia court system alongside the civil courts. Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno will receive six strokes because she consumed alcohol in eastern Pahang state last year. Amnesty International Malaysia executive director, Nora Murat made clear “the punishment of whipping is defined as torture and hence we should not in any way condone it. This is the wrong way to educate anyone about religion. When the sin is between her and God, there is always an option of being repentant. It’s up to God to decide on her faith, and not people.”

Islamic Mufti Harussani Zakaria responded the punishment was lenient and it “was meted out on her just to shame and educate her.” I gather there are Muslim clerics who actually believe a few strokes will end consumption of alcohol. We suggest they read a book about Prohibition in America to learn the idiocy of such a line of reasoning. If the goal is ending alcoholism, strokes of a cane do more to further this form of behavior than any other line of punishment. Perhaps, an education program might be a bit more successful.

P.S. How many Malaysian men have been caned due to drinking alcohol?

Muslim Justice??

A twenty-two year old Bangladeshi woman was punished for telling people that a neighbor was the father of her six year year-old son. The woman told some friends about the man who had fathered her son and when he heard about her comments, the man informed local religious leaders that she was lying. They called her and the alleged father before a hastily formed Islamic court and asked for testimony. The man held the Koran in his hand and swore to the village clerics that he was not the father of the boy. Naturally, they believed his comments. The clerics then issued a fatwa calling for the woman to be caned thirty-nine times.

The woman is now fighting for her life as a result of injuries suffered during the caning. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is furious and has ordered the arrest of the clerics and asked police to do a DNA testing of the man. Of course, that was the simple solution to the problem, but for the clerics if a man swore on the Koran he must be right. Of course, if a woman swears on the Koran, she must be wrong.

Thai Students Protest, Thai Students Caned!

A teacher at a school in Bangkok has been accused of caning eight students, including a girl who was allegedly struck 18 times. Students had skipped class in order to participate in demonstrations against a proposal which would have relocated their school in order to make way for a new parliamentary site. The teacher, Ms. Suwattana, was accused by parents of employing excessive violence against students who were not engaged in any personal activities, but attempting to do something they believed was important to their school. More than 500 students joined in the demonstrations. Actually, on the day of the protest the school suspended classes because so many students were absent.

The girl who was struck 18 times said it was in full view of her classmates but the other truants only received a few blows. Parents insist the school take disciplinary action against the teacher. The Office of the Basic Education Commission said regulations do not permit corporal punishment os students. Teachers are expected to use verbal reasoning with students in dealing with disciplinary issues.

A wise teacher who endeavored to stimulate critical thinking might have used the protest as part of a lesson on how individuals deal with conflict.