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What To Do About Captured GI In Afghanistan?

The Taliban has announced it may well execute a soldier who was captured in Afghanistan unless US military forces adhere to their demands for an end to air strikes in two parts of Afghanistan. This was the first news about Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl since a Taliban video of him was made public on July 18. The circumstances of how Bergdahl was captured have yet to be released and reports range from him being on patrol to getting drunk and wandering off base. Naturally, US military spokesmen insist “recovery efforts remain one of the largest ongoing operations.”

Regardless of how Private Bergdahl was captured, he is a prisoner. Unfortunately, the Bush administration has made clear those captured in battle in Afghanistan can be tortured in the name of “national security.” We assume the Taliban has its version of “natural security” which bodes bad for the soldier. Reality is there will be no cease in air strikes. War is hell for all concerned, particularly for anyone captured in battle.