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Sen. Carl Levin–Voice Of Reason!

During the Vietnam war it took years before members of Congress acted in accordance with their responsibilities to advise the executive branch of government. Senator Car Levin made clear his disapproval of dispatch of 23,000 more troops to Afghanistan because as he put it so clearly, “we need a surge of Afghan forces. We have not done enough to put that in motion.” The issue is providing more soldiers to train and equip Afghan forces rather than participate in actual fighting. There are rumors President Obama is going to dispatch more troops into the quagmire that is Afghanistan.

Perhaps, it is time for Barack Obama to hit the history books. We sent 500,000 troops to Vietnam and left in defeat. Rep. Lynn Woolsey made more sense than the president when she noted, “we should not double-down on a strategy that has not worked.”

The US failed in Vietnam because the government of Vietnam failed. The US will fail in Afghanistan because the Afghan government has failed. The solution is clear– either a competent government is established in Afghanistan composed of men and women who have organizational abilities or the USA and NATO must leave. A government run by drug lords will fail.