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Is White The Color Of First Ladies?

Mia Swart of the South African Wits University argued the recent D-Day photo op in which both Michelle Obama and Carla Sarkozy both wore white colored dresses was not only a fashion first for two wives of presidents to appear in the same colored dress, but raised interesting possibilities of a political alliance between the American and French leader. Ms. Swart wonders why Carla Sarkozy wore white which is not the color ordinarily worn by this dynamic woman. Does it suggest a high spirited woman has decided to play down who she is in order to assist her political husband to gain votes? She also wonders if Michelle Obama was unaware of the ironic aspect of wearing white on such a significant day.

The fashion world is aghast at the issue of what these women wore, but it does raise a more important issue as to who the hell cares what is the color of what women wear? It is hard to imagine Chancellor Merkel of Germany or Hillary Clinton giving a damn about the color of their clothes or how color might convey a symbolic message. But, when two very beautiful women like Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Sarkozy go out in public, fashion critics transform these two intelligent humans into a fashion statement.

There is some evidence Harvard educated Michelle Obama currently is playing the role of “mom” to her two wonderful daughters and staying clear of political statements. Perhaps, it is time for Michelle Obama to study the life of Eleanor Roosevelt whose plain appearance never raised the slightest question among reporters as to the meaning of the clothes she wore. She became the greatest First Lady in history because Eleanor Roosevelt took repeated stands for human rights. Michelle, wear white, pink, black, purple or whatever, but begin taking a stand for human rights.