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Danish Free Speech Threatened By Muslim Fanatics

The vast majority of Muslims in Denmark believer fervently in free speech, but a vocal minority has been able to spark anger toward Danish newspapers which dared to print the controversial cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad carrying a bomb in his turban. The Danish Free Press Society has been attempting to reprint the cartoon as part of an effort to raise money in support of free speech. They were unable to find a single printer in Denmark who would take the job and had to go out of the country in order to get it printed. The essence of a free speech is being able to print one’s ideas and these religious demagogues have been able to intimidate printers so what they don’t want printed, is not.

Lars Hdegaard, put it directly to the Danish government: “I’d like to ask Danish politicians what they plan to do to ensure that Constitutionally protected freedom of speech does actually exist.” The Jyland Posten reprinted the cartoon.

Many Muslims protested the appearance of the cartoon as insulting to their religion. Visit any Muslim society, pick up a newspaper or magazine and you will discover numerous vicious anti-Jewish cartoons. Why aren’t Muslims protesting against those cartoons?

Oliphant Oirks Some American Jewst

Pat Oliphant has been around most of the 20th century dispensing his comic views on the state of the world. The Los Angeles based Simon Wiesenthal Center is a wonderful organization that does outstanding work has denounced an Oliphant cartoon which depicts a goose-stepping uniformed figure wheeling a fanged Star of David that menaces at small female figure labeled, “Gaza.” According to the Center, Oliphant’s cartoon reminds them of anti-Semitism that filled the streets of Berlin in the thirties and led to the Holocaust. During the past few years, Muslim groups have denounced Danish cartoonists for portraying their religion in a derogatory manner. If Danish cartoonists can lambast Muslims, Pat Oliphant can jibe at Israel.

It is a cartoon, for goodness sake. It is good old Pat Oliphant who has been doing this for nearly half a century. A little common sense will make clear Oliphant is not an anti-semite, he is an anti-pomposity person. Draw on, Pat.