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Nepal Maoist PM Bans Dowry And Caste Hate

Nepal’s new Maoist prime minister has admitted it was one thing to fight a guerrilla war and another to actually understand how to run a nation. “We had no experience of running a government and we had limitations and complexities” because he headed a coalition government which had differing ideas. But, Prime Minister Prachanda finally got things on track by announcing the institution of dowry was now illegal as well as discrimination against those in lower castes. “A week from today, the dowry system will be completely banned.” Anyone who pays a dowry or receives one will now become a criminal.

The prime minister may not be the right leader for Nepal at this time, but merely admitting he had made mistakes in governing is a refreshing admittance, particularly for those of us in the United States who lived under the Bush administration which never admitted a mistake,

Hopefully, ending the dowry institution will free many young girls from being married off to men who had the money or land to demand their hand in marriage.