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Turkey Offers Caucasus Peace Initiative

Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan spoke with his Russian counter part, Sergey Lavrov on the phone and proposed bringing together several of the key nations in the Caucasus region in order to foster peace between those in conflict. Officials from the Turkish and Russian foreign ministries will meet this week to discuss how such an initiative can be furthered in order to restore peace to the troubled region. Prime Minister Recp Erdogan is the architect of the proposed Caucasus Stability and Cooperation Platform which would include nations from the region and Russia. The goal is persuading all nations to put aside their grievances and work together in a cooperative manner. There are reports Turkey will ask Russia to play the role of mediator in helping it bridge differences with Armenia.

A sign of possible positive outcomes from such an alliance is willingness on the part of Turkey to include Armenia which has been a foe. Turkey is pushing for a coalition that includes Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and itself. As a first step, it is reported Turkish President Gul might even attend an event in Armenia as a gesture of good will.

The important aspect of such an alliance is that emerges from those involved in regional disputes and removes outside groups such as the United States. America must learn to allow regional groupings to resolve problems.