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Is A Papal Apology What Is Needed?

Pope Benedict XVI apologized to the people of Ireland for increasing revelations of sexual abuses caused by actions of members of the clergy. He admitted there had been “grave errors of judgment” on the part of those in charge of the Catholic Church. He appealed to priests to “openly acknowledge your guilt and submit yourselves to the demands of justice.” However, many critics are concerned at failure to open the files and allow secular authorities to investigate any and all claims of abuse on the part of clergy members. There is also a sense the Pope simply lacks a grasp as to the extent of what occurred in Ireland, let alone understand what must be done.

The issue of celibacy remains one that is not examined. Celibacy was NOT a practice among original members of the Catholic church and was added hundreds of years after the death of Jesus Christ. It is time to reopen the topic by asking a commission representing a cross section of views to examine the topic and make recommendations.

An apology today will simply require another one tomorrow unless changes are made in celibacy,

I’m Sorry, Says Cardinal, Is The Priest?

The ongoing saga of paedophile priests in Ireland continues with an apology from Cardinal Sean Brady for his failure to adequately handle a case of child abuse in 1975 when two children were compelled to take a vow of silence while the church conducted an investigation. Cardinal Brady now admits the police should immediately have been informed since it was a crime not merely in the church, but in civil society. Father Brendan Smyth was relieved of clerical duties and recommended for psychiatric treatment, but since the police were never involved in the incident, Smyth continued having access to children and most probably abused other youngsters. Cardinal Brady told Catholics: “I am ashamed that I have not always upheld the values that I profess and believe in.”

The reality is such stories of abuse of children continue emerging as well as actions by church officials to protect the clergy. In the end, both children and the Catholic Church suffer and even as Brady announced he would reflect on what happened in order to exam his future, isn’t there need for the Catholic Church to also reflect and consider if there are alternatives to the current policy of celibacy?