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Don’t Drive A Car In Perth, Australia!

Several years ago, I was driving my car in St. Louis, Missouri when stopped by a policeman and told I had failed to halt at a stop sign. I turned around and said there was no stop sign, but he insisted one was there and issued the ticket. I eventually won my case in court by producing pictures of the area. But, my story certainly does not match that of Taryn Payne in Perth, Australia. She had glanced to her right to look at the time on her cell phone when she was stopped by police and issued a ticket for talking on the phone. After getting home, Taryn noticed the ticket had the wrong time, the wrong date, the wrong vehicle, and indicated a different offense than the one cited by the policeman. She appealed to an adjudicator to void the ticket, but was told the policeman may have made a few minor errors, but the gist of the citation was correct.

Ms. Payne simply did not have the time to attend a court session in order to defend her rights. At a time when the world is obsessed with visions of terrorists, it is gratifying to know the police in Perth are on the watch for those who glance at a cell phone. I assume this means when driving in Perth, I should never glance to the right or left unless I want to be cited for “incorrect glancing.”