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Silence Of The Cell Phones

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, it was expected that students would pay attention in class, but this terrible law oppressed children who had better things to do with their time during the day than learn something about science or math or history. After all, where was Heidi going after school or who was having a party tonight were much more important issues. So, lo and behold, the evil teacher ogre had the Danish government pass a law that allowed educators to confiscate cell phones for an “indefinite period” rather than return them after class. This law was terribly unfair and took away the right to chat and laugh and have fun. After all, wasn’t that the object of going to school?

A gold star for Denmark in passing the new law which allows teachers to seize and hold cell phones.

Should Elderly People Be Allowed

A recent article in the Toronto Star caught my attention because it posed the question as to whether elderly people should be allowed to continue driving their cars. Fair question, and one with some merit given that those over the age of 80 have higher rates of accidents. But, as someone who is 79 and heading toward the 80 mark, I have a question to pose. Should anyone under the age of 50 be allowed to drive a moving vehicle? How often have you seen a young person talking on a cell phone, drinking a cup of coffee and, undoubtedly, finding a way to text message? Let’s face reality, younger people eventually will kill themselves if we continue using cars as a mode of transportation.

The real question to pose is: When will humanity cease using cars as a means of transportation and resort to other modes such as trains or trolley cars? We can not as a species continue using cars unless we seek to destroy the planet. Of course, my bet is on younger drivers killing one another while text messaging.


We present a commentary of human life from a man with a fifteen year old mind who is trapped in a 79 year old body.

My greatest surprise at being 79 is the continued presence of poverty in America and the indifference of so many people to those who are poor.

I wonder what would be the greatest surprise to a Cro-Magnon if he found himself in the modern world.

I wonder why when men pee it is a public event but when they shit it is private.

I am shocked at the hate that has erupted over the issue of extending health care to all Americans. It is particularly disappointing when it comes from the elderly who have health insurance.

Among my mysteries of life is what did people who text message all day long do prior to the cell phone.

Tiny children ape the behavior of their older siblings more often than of parents.

We measure height and weight, how about butt size?

Obama supporters only see his virtues. Alas, all humans have flaws.

What ever happened to Rudy Giuliani? Has he given up trying to be God?

I like Michelle Obama. Unfortunately, she never will be an Eleanor Roosevelt. Mrs. Roosevelt was concerned about working people and the poor and was always on the scene of strikes or the oppression of poor people. She definitely was not into organic gardening.

There is no more lonely locale than a bagel shop at 10:30 a.m.

I do not understand why parents purchase electric cars for children. Let them use their damn feet and get some exercise!

The sexuality of a woman can be measured by the number of male heads that turn when she walks by.

At what point in September do shorts get replaced by long pants?

I miss the Irish politicians who used to run the Democratic power. Maybe, they never went to Harvard, but they knew how to get a law passed.

I never drive right up to the fender of another car. I always leave space for backing up.

Do Second Amendment Rights Apply To Cellphones!

Liberal do-gooders are once again on the warpath to take away the rights of God-fearing Americans by banning the use of cell phones while people are driving cars. First, these physical cowards try to take away our right to carry concealed weapons into schools, churches, banks, and now airports event though there is abundant evidence people have been shot in those locales. How can any honest American be safe on an airplane even he didn’t have his trusty rifle in his lap? Now, the enemies of freedom want to pass laws which prevent an American from talking on the phone while driving a car. As anyone knows, cell phones don’t kill people, people kill people! It is just another liberal attempt to strip Americans of their God-given rights which our Founding Fathers expressed in writing the Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment grants individuals the right to defend themselves. Cell phones give individuals the right to defend themselves against gossip and slander. It is imperative to communicate with your best friends while driving because failing to do so might result in not hearing the latest slander being communicated against you.

Just remember, liberals have an agenda. First, they take away our right to bring a gun into a bank, then they take away our right to bring a concealed gun into a school, and now, they are trying to take away our right to talk! This is a violation of freedom of speech! Just remember, no cell phone ever killed anyone!

Off With Their Phones In Saudi Arabia!

It was just a normal day in a secondary school in Saudi Arabia, the girls were chatting with one another, playing with their cell phones, and lacking any thought about the terrible crime they were committing. Suddenly, through the doors of classrooms burst representatives of the General Administration for Education who had heard rumors of terrible behavior on the part of the female students. The men grabbed phones from the girls, examined any photos on the clle phone and if they found a picture of a girl or her teacher, the instrument was thrown to the ground and stomped into pieces. After all, it clearly says in the Koran that females are not allowed to have cell phones that allow them to take pictures of fellow females or their female teachers.

Guardians of the students were summoned to the school in order to make clear that in Saudi Arabia there is a sense of morality unknown to most nations in the world. Any girl caught with a cell phone containing a picture of a girl would be subject to dismissal from the school. Any female teacher who had a picture of a female on her cell phone would lose part of her salary.

No mention was made about having pictures of males, but we assume in the righteous kingdom of men pictures of the other sex would most probably be as offensive as pictures of females. We have yet to learn of similar raids on boy schools.