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Darfur Rebels Defeat Sudan Forces

Darfur rebels struck back at forces of the Sudan government and overwhelmed a garrison in the town of Umm Baru near the border of Chad and drove out Sudanese troops. Naturally, the Sudan government which insists only 10,000 have died in Darfur (most estimates are the dead are over 300,000) claim they drove back the rebels. The town has been the scene of bitter fighting because the Sudan government has supported rebels from Chad in order to destabilize that nation’s government. Darfur rebels are attempting to place pressure on the government of the Sudan to force them into peace talks.

The first step to ensure peace in Darfur is for China to cease supplying Sudan with arms and to impose an embargo on goods until President al-Bashir agrees to honest negotiations and ceases saying only 10,000 have died. Perhaps, if rebel forces obtained greater support, Sudan might change its mind about peace.

War Heats Up In Sudan Region

During the past several years the government of Sudan has employed deadly force in Darfur which has led to the death of over 200,000 people and the displacement of over a million. It has encouraged rebel forces to invade neighboring Chad in an effort to overthrow its government. Several days ago, rebels, undoubtedly supported by the Chad government, launched an attack on Khartoum which resulted in some fighting and the death of hundreds of rebels. The Sudan government now regards itself as a victim and had cut ties with Chad and promised retaliation. “These forces came from Chad,” said President Omar el-Beshir. “Therefore, we hold the Chaidan regime fully rsponsible for what happened and maintain our right to respond to this crumbling regime which does not represent the will of the Chadian people.”

The government of Chad denies any involvement in the attack but the Sudan government insists Chad has been supporting the rebel Justice and Equality Movement(JEM) which is a major source of opposition to the government of Sudan. As the two opposing forces geared up for further violence, innocent residents of Darfur braced for additional violence to erupt against them. It apears regardless of the pretext for violence, Darfurians wind up the victims.

Sarkozy Reviews France’s Africa Policy

Alone among European nations, France works hard to maintain excellent relations with African nations. Although, it once was a leading imperialist power in Africa, France today is intimately involved in the affairs of most nations over which it once ruled as a colony. France has defense and military cooplerationg agreements with twenty sub-Saharan states and maintains a network of military bases which can quickly deploy soldiers to troubled spots. It has also exerted considerable sway over currency issues and financial policies in African nations.

However, many Africans remain bitter over failure of French troops to intervene in the early stages of the Rwanda massacre of the Tutsi and there are confused feelings about French intervention in west Africa where recently its troops assisted the government of Chad to resist attacks by rebel forces who were being supplied by the Sudan.

Despite its record as a colonial power, France has excellent relations with Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. The French can play an influential role in central Africa, particularly if the Sudan continues its genocidal policies in Darfur and its support for Chad rebels who seek to overthrow the government. Perhaps, the French example might be a model for American diplomats, how to be influential while remaining behind the scene. It is the exact opposite model of American policy in Iraq.

Sudan Threatens War In Chad

The government of the Sudan has done more to destabilize northern regions of Africa than any other nation on the continent. Its brutal policies in Darfur have left hundreds of thousands dead and wounded or refugees in other lands. The government of Chad reports tht thousands of rebels, who were trained and armed by the Sudan government, are massed on its border and prepared to invade. Defence Minister Mahamat Al Abdallah claimed: “Once again the regime (of Sudanese President) Omar al-Bashir, as part of the its determination to destabilize Chad, is massing, training and heavily arming thousands of its mercenaries to launch attacks in the next few days.” The Defence Minister believes the Sudan seeks to control central Africa as part of its plan to spread the Islamic faith in the region.

Many Muslims leaders are quick to attack Israel or the United States for actions they claim destabilize the Middle East and Africa, but they remain silent when the Sudan engages in genocidal policies or attacks neutral nations. This failure to seek stability in the end will only result in ongoing destablization and chaos for the people of northern and central Africa.

Chad Rebels Fighting In Capital

Hundreds of Chad rebels penetrated the capital of Chad as they fought against government forces. It is believed the fighting is raging just outside the presidential palace after the rebels made a lightening advance across the oil-producing African nation. Col. Thierry Burkhard, a French miiitary spokesperson, said about 1,500 rebels are now actualy in the capital. Ibni Oumar Mahamat Saleh, a leader of the opposition which is supporting the rebels, said the state radio has gone off the air, and “at the moment we are not hearing any firing. The rebels are in the city. Civilians are in the streets. They are watching what is happening.”

The fighting has led the European Union to delay dispatching its peacekeeping mission to both Chad and the neighboring Central African Republic. The EU forces were supposed to protect nations from the chaos caused by the Sudan government’s policies in Darfur which has led to insurgencies flowing out of Darfur into neighboring African nations. The new head of the African Union said Satrudy that the bloc would not recognize Chadian rebels should they seizee poweer. “If the rebellion succeeds cetainly we will excommunicte them from the African Union ntil normalcy and democratic institutions are restored in that country,” said Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete.

One can only support the African Union’s decision to protect democracy in Chad. But, it is confusing that no such stand has been taken against President Kibaki in Kenya who, literally, overthrew an election result through voting fraud and manipulation which has resulted in chaos in the country. Why does the AU have contradictory policies?

Chad Fighting — A Fall Out From Darfur Tragedy

Observers found charred bodies and burn-out trucks lying on the blackened grass of a a valley in eastern chad as sad reminders of the war now raging in the nation. Chad’s army claims it has finally pushed rebels fighting against the regime of President Idriss Deby Itno’s government across the border into the Sudan where they have bases. General Itnok, Chad’s commandeer in chief of the armed forces, pointed to ruined buildings as proof that his troops were victorious in the fighting. Warfare resumed after the collapse on October 25th of a peace accord and now there are three rebel factions fighting against the government. A UN force of about 3,700 soldiers is shortly expected to arrive in order to maintain order and protect humanitarian groups who are trying to feed those caught in this tragic event.

The war in Chad is partially a result of the tragedy in Darfur. The government of the Sudan has unleashed murderous thugs to harass and kill people in the Sudan which, in turn, has opened the door for other irregular forces to appear on the scene. Rebels utilize bases in the Sudan to cross the border into Chad and create disruption and chaos. The inability of the UN or of the African Union to provide an effective fighting force that could crush such military ventures is producing a humanitarian crisis in Africa as thousands again are being uprooted and forced to flee to the safety of Un refugee camps. There is little doubt of an African need for an international army that could enforce peace in many parts of the continent in which violence runs wild.

Child Adoption Scandal Rocks France And Chad

The French government is attempting to extricate itself from a growing fury in Africa over attempts by French citizens to adopt children from the nation of Chad. The French charity, Zoe’s Ark, was trying to fly 100 children out of the poverty of Chad to new homes in France. President Idris Deby Itno reacted with fury to the operation claiming the French were attempt to “kill them and remove their organs.” Nine French nationals including members of the charity organization, three journalists and Spanish flight crew members face charges of kidnapping. President Niclas Sarkozy telephoned the Chad leader to express his dismay over the botched operation, and said all involved would be subject to French law.Chad is an important link in UN troops fighting in Darfur and serves as transit point for supplies. Zoe’s Ark claims it was attempting to rescue children of Darfur refugees trapped in Chad from the horror of what awaits them in Darfur. France’s opposition leader, Francois Hollande, warned Sarkozy not to allow the Chad president to use this incident as a pretext to cover up his corruption and ineffectiveness by playing up an anti-French line.

This incident raises many questions pertaining to efforts by well meaning people to adopt children trapped in horrible situations. On one hand, the intent is honorable, on the other hand, it places parents in a difficult situation of giving up their children in hope a home far away will save their lives. Perhaps, another alternative is focusing on ways to improve conditions so parents can keep their children. Of course such an approach costs money.