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Iran Urges Obama To Take New Approach

The Iranian government has asked Barack Obama not to adhere to the failed policies of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld which was to believe only the worst about their government and to resort to military force. In 2001, when US forces invaded Afghanistan, the Khatami government of Iran provided assistance in order to help get rid of its Taliban enemy, but while accepting the aid, George Bush refused to reach out to Iran and build friendly relations. The Foreign Ministry of Iran promised to respond in an “appropriate and timely”way to any change in American behavior toward their nation. Hassan Qashqavi said: “We have to see whether or not this change in orientation (by Obama) is in practice and whether it will bring about fundamental change in the behavior and stance of America in relation to Iran.”

There are reports Obama is ready to engage in dialogue with Iran and to open new possibilities for change. It is time for a change.