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President Karzai Admits Afghan Failure

President Hamid Karzai admitted this week his nation was on the verge of collapse and there was a possibility security had broken down. “Our roads are not safe, you can’t go from Kandahar to Herat. You can’t take the road from Kabul to Pakitia. When we came, life was good, but now it’s not. We are still a nation deeply in pain and misery.” There is something ironic in Karzai admitting seven years ago the situation was much better than the current crisis in his nation. Of course, seven years ago, the United States was not engaged in a war in Iraq and the Taliban had fled Afghanistan. Instead of dealing with the immediate problem of completely crushing the Taliban and initiating work projects to provide employment and raise standards of living, Bush diverted resources to Iraq and his failed policy in that nation.

President Karzai has to examine why his government has failed to contain the Taliban. He can not simply blame everything on others. His failure to create an effective, honest government lies at the heart of problems in Afghanistan. Additional soldiers will help, but Karzai failed to appoint honest men and women to office.