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Charlie Christ Defies Tea Party!

Charlie Christ has been an effective governor in Florida who has won the admiration of both Democrats and Republicans. He has worked to create a government that addresses issues, not one that digs its feet in the ground and refuses to budge. He aroused considerable anger among some Republicans because on a visit to Florida by President Obama, he gave the visitor a hug. Christ is not an ideologue, he examines ideas and accepts those that make sense for the people of his state. During the past few months, the Tea Party has organized a vicious campaign against him as they push the candidacy of Marco Rubio. Christ realized they control the Republican primary and announced he was leaving the Republican party and running for the Senate seat as an independent.

The Tea Party considers him a RINO-Republican In Name Only– because he refuses to work for deadlocking the government. Tea Party goals are to elect men and women who will refuse any compromise solutions and create a Congress that is unable to address issues. Their theory is better a government that can not act than one which could solve problems. As Chris Mathews noted, Republicans who have independent ideas about cooperation will be “purged.”