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Paint Ball Fundamentalist Power

Women in Chechen are fighting for their right to dress as they desire and to be independent individuals possessing basic human rights, but the government of President Tramzan Kadyrov prefers catering to religious fanatics who seek to inspire Muslim sharia laws upon females. There are increasing reports of women walking through the street in their normal garb being assaulted by members of the police who fire paintball pellets that splatter on clothes in an attempt to compel women to wear a headscarf. Human rights activists Lyudmila Alexyeva claims, “the paintballing is an obvious Kadyrov rule just used to strengthen and tighten his grip over his tiny republic.” Local media report at least twelve such attacks in the past few days as part of a crackdown on “immodest dress” and an attempt to deprive women of their rights.

In France, the government is attempting to deprive Muslim women of the right to wear the niqab in public while in other Muslim areas government is attempting to deprive women of their right to freedom of dress. Both approaches are anti-women.