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The Sky Is Not Falling In Iraq Claim McCain And Cheney

Senator John mcCain and Vice President Dick Cheney stressed that American policy in Iraq was succeeding despite a few things that had to be handled. “We recognize that al-Qaida is on the run, but they are not defeated,” said McCain. “Al-Qaida contnues to pose a greater threat to the security and very existence of Iraq as a democracy. So we know there’s still a lot more of work to be done.” Vice President Dick Cheney credited reductions in violence to President Bush’s decision to send more troops. He insisted “it would be a mistake now to be so eager to draw down the force that we risk putting the outcome in jeopardy. And I don’t think we’ll do that.” The Vice President made clear he does not forsee withdrawal of troops after July.

As Dick Cheney spoke, elsewhere in Iraq, a female suicide bomber blew up herself and 43 people in the holy city of Karbals while six youths were killed playing soccer. We are on the eve of the fifth anniversary of George Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in search of those ever elusive WMD. His decision came after he over-ruled requests by General Shinseki for thousand of more troops because Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld knew more about war than any generals in the United States armed forces. Five years have passed. There is no effective government in Iraq, violence and hate between Sunnis and Shiites remains strong. The Iraqi army is years from being an effective fighting force– it was Bush who made the original decision to disband the Iraqi army.

John McCain has no other answer to Iraq than maintaining failed policies. He is completely tied to a military solution even though no evidence is forthcoming the military option is working. He has no plan other than maintain American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan for the forseeable future. For a man who claims to know something about foreign policy and leadership, Senator McCain comes across as light Bush.

Is It Ever “Quitting Time” In Iraq?

Republican politicians were out in full force in Iraq, obviously not to fight, but to pontificate. As they chatted with Iraq politicians about the tremendous success of the “surge” a female suicide bomber was blowing herself up and killing 39 people while wounding 54. The violence came as Vice President Dick Cheney arrived in Baghdad and just missed Senator John McCain who left after securing enough photo ops to fill several TV commercials. Prime Minister Maliki had separate talks with the two Republican leaders since McCain most probably didn’t want to be photographed alongside the intensely disliked Dick Cheney. President Al-Maliki said he discussed long term security arrangements with Cheney. McCain stressed the importance of maintaining Amereica’s comitment in iraq. “We recognize that al-Qaida is on the run, but they are not defeated.

Cheney credited President Bush’s decision to dispatch more troops to Iraq for the reduction in the level of violence. However, he emphasized “it would be a mistake now to be so eager to draw down the forces that we risk putting the outcome in jeopardy.”

Of course, Vice President did not discuss why President Bush in 2003 refused to listen to the advice of General Shinseki who wanted more troops in Iraq. The Bush/Cheney arrogance is a factor in the needless deaths of thousands of American troops. Both Cheney and McCain insist it would be a mistake to quit before the job is done, but they never quite explain the exact meaning of what would constitute “victory.” Yes, violence is down in Baghdad, but the Iraq government has not established positive relations with Sunni Iraqis. The violence is down, but there is no indication an Iraq army can contain insurgent forces without help from American troops. Does this mean there will not be a “quitting time” in the forseeable future?

President Bush Lied, Claims His Former Press Secretary

President Bush’s former press secretary, Scott McClellan, in his forthcoming book accuses the president and others in the administration of lying about outed CIA operative Valerie Palme. In speaking to the press, Scott McClellan now admits he lied. “I had unknowingly passed along false information. And, five of the highest ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so. Rove, Libby,the vice president, the president’s chief of staff, and the president himself.” The current press secretary, Dana Perino, responded to the accusation by saying, “The president has not and would not ask his spokespeople to pass on false information.”

Several years ago, Republicans argued that President Clinton had lied concerning his relations with Monica Lewinsky and thus they initiated impeachment proceedings. We now have a specific charge of lying on the part of the president of the United States by a Republican who served in his administration. Will congressional Republicans now initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush for lying?

Singapore Woman Sues Over Botched Exorcism

Madam Valli, an inhabitant of Singapore sued the Redemptionist Church of Novena for its failure to cast out the evil forces that were controlling her body. She claims the exorcism left her suffering from a Post Traumatic Stress disorder and wants compensation for either was done or what was not done. According to her daughter, in the midst of the exorcism, Madam Valli began shaking the church gates and then fainted. As the trial proceeded there was continuous laughter in the courtroom.

We thought this trial might be an interesting Halloween story. It is unclear as to the exact nature of what was being exorcised other than it was something evil. One can only wonder on this Halloween night if there is a possibility the American people can exorcise the demons of Bush-Cheney from their collective body. We won’t even sue for post traumatic stress since our stress will disappear once the demons have left our community body.

US Train And Iranian Train Headed For Collision!

Two trains are headed toward one another on the same track, each driven by an out-of-conrol engineer who is convinced the other train will somehow get out of his way. One is driven by a religious fanatic, Ahmadinejad, who has been confused by praise from the Muslim world, into believing he can actually triumph over the United States in a war. The other is driven by Dick Cheney and his sidekick, George Bush, who do not intend to go down in history as allowing Iran to become a nuclear military power. Renaud Giraud, writing in Le Figaro, raises these metaphors to illustrate the madness now enveloping the United States and Iran. He cites three factors as propelling Bush/Cheney: their fear of Iran’s military capabilities in the future, strong bipartisan support in Congress for tough action against Iran, and Saudi Arabian and Israel lobbies which emphasize the dangers of Iran to Middle East stability.

The ironic aspect of the current conflict is that in 2001, Iran publicly condemned the 9/11 attack and in 2001 gave quiet assistance to American military forces in their Afghanistan campaign. The Iranian government in December, 2001, supported American efforts at the Bonn conference to implement political and economic reconstruction of Afghanistan. After offering these supports, President Bush in January, 2002 listed Iran as one of the “axis of evil” threatening the world. The recent resignation of Larijani both as negotiator on nuclear issues and as secretary general of the Iranian Security Council reflects growing strength of hard liners.

A sad aspect of the current presidential primary campaigns is failure on the part of any Democratic candidate to articulate an intelligent Iran policy. They fear being accused of “weakness” just as they feared in 2003 of refusing to back the Bush invasion of Iraq. America need voices of reason about Iran, but they appear muted in the face of media taking them to task for being weak. On the other side, Ahmadinejad is bewitched by his seeming popularity for standing up to America and may have come to the wrong conclusion about Bush and Cheney. They will resort to military action regardless of the cost to their nation. After all, isn’t Ahmadinejad doing the same to his country?

Attacking Iran– Last Option, Says Armed Forces Head

As rumors continue circulating around Washington D.C. about a secret Dick Cheney plan to attack Iran, Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said U.S. officials should consider the damage that could result from initiating a new war in the Middle East. H also added that military options could not be taken off the table. He specifically noted it was ‘a last option.” Mullen believes the focus now should be on “bringing together the international community that is constructive, not destructive.” he also commented on a lesson he had learned from fighting in Iraq– there is need to have agencies like USAID receive funding that is larger.

The choice of words by Admiral Mullen is instructive. He uses expressions like “last option” and urges “bringing together the international community” in dealing with Iran. Ironically, the Bush administration is following the opposite path of ignoring the international community and considering air strikes as a first option. One can only hypothesize from his words there is not overwhelming support among American military leaders about attacking Iran. They understand such action would place unbearable strains on existing forces and raise renewed demands for a drafty system. Hopefully, unlike in Iraq when Bush and Rumsfeld ignored the advice of General Shinseki who wanted more troops in Iraq, this time Bush will listen carefully to the advice of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Is Darth Vader Dick Cheney Preparing Iran Attack?

Rumors are swirling around Washington D.C. of secret plans by the vice president to get America embroiled in a war against Iran. Cheney has been examining potential strategies which would be used in attacking Iran’s nuclear development. One report being heard is Israel would launch an air attack on the Iranian nuclear enrichment facility at Natanz which most probably would result in an Iranian response. According to those close to Cheney, he believes such an Iranian response would enable the United States to launch massive air attacks claiming Iran had begun the war. there is speculation the September 6, 2007 Israel attack on a Syrian “nuclear facility” was a test run for this plan. Neither Israel nor the Bush administration has openly acknowledged there was such an attack.

Military officials repeatedly have warned such an attack would result in economic, political, and psychological chaos in the world. As thousands of Iranian and Hezbollah rockets and missiles reign down on Israel it would end any possibility of resolving the Palestinian-israel conflict. Iran would attempt to block oil shipments from the Arabian peninsula creating even more chaos. Thousands of suicide bombers would flow into the Middle East creating even more turmoil. The Egyptian government would come under great pressure from its Muslim fundamentalists to do something while General Musharraf in Pakistan might even face a military overthrow of his government by incensed Islamic officers. President Bush continually accuses Iran of seeking to create WWIII, but an attack on Iran would result in global warfare.

Mitt Romney, a candidate for the presidency was asked his reaction to attacking Iran without congressional approval and he indicated the need to study whether or not a president can initiate war without consent of Congress. One would assume he has at least once in his life actually read the Constitution. It states under powers of the legislature: “To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning capture on land and water.”

Gordon Brown Announces New Powers For Parliament To Decide War

Gordon Brown announced proposed changes in the British government that would result in Parliament having greater decision making power in any future use of troops to fight wars. In effect, Brown is surrendering executive power of the British Prime Minister to send troops into battle without first obtaining permission of Parliament. This undoubtedly is related to growing dissatisfaction within Parliament about England’s continued presence in Iraq and their desire for bringing troops back home. Brown’s reform proposals also ease restrictions on people demonstrating near Parliament which has long been a goal of civil libertarians. He also is suggesting new power for Parliament in deciding who becomes a senior judge.

Brown’s proposals reflect a growing desire among British people to end the concentration of power in the prime minister given Tony Blair’s refusal to acknowledge parliamentary concerns regarding his failed policies in Iraq. Brown also wants to shed his image as a “control freak” by surrendering power to the legislature. These reforms stand markedly different from the Bush/Cheney belief in an expanded executive and a refusal to accept a powerful legislature. Perhaps, Brown’s reform proposals reflect a change in western attitudes regarding dismay at the emergence of an “imperial executive” under George Bush and a desire to return to a more balanced sharing of power between executive, legislature, and judiciary. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton indicated, if elected president, she was prepared to surrender certain executive powers to Congress as a sign of ending the imperial presidency of George Bush.

Iran Larijani Resignation Setback For Resolving Nuclear Issues

The sudden resignation of Ali Larijani as Iran’s front man in dealing with nuclear development has threatened to become a setback in efforts to achieve agreement between the UN and Iran. Larijani was a political opponent of President Ahmadinejad of Iran and more flexible in seeking resolution of the nuclear issues, but his replacement, Ali Jaill is a reputed hard liner. However, in a move to reassure Europeans there will be no changes in Iran’s policies, Ahmadinejad agreed to allow Larijani to meet with European Union representatives today. The European Union is offering Iran economic and technological incentives to suspend its uranium enrichment program. The situation was not helped by Vice President Dick Cheney’s weekend comment claiming Iran was a “growing obstacle to peace in the Middle East” and warned of consequences if it didn’t end its nuclear program.

The situation is tense between the European Union and Iran and in the middle of negotiations our vice president must intrude with further threats toward Iran. Dick Cheney never ceased making threats about Saddam and the need to do something in Iraq. His jingoism and warlike attitude are well known in the Middle East so when Cheney threatens “consequences” it can only result in Iranian hard liners digging even deeper into their resolve not to compromise. If President Bush really cared for Middle East peace, he would take the first step in that direction by muzzling his good friend.

Dick Cheney And Barack Obama Are Kissing Cousins!

During her book tour Mrs. Lynne Cheney dropped a bombshell by revealing research discovered the vice president and Senator Barack Obama shared a common ancestor about 11 generations ago. Bill Burton, a spokesperson for Obama told CNN: “Obviously, Dick Cheney is the black sheep of the family.” A few weeks ago it was revealed Obama was related to President Bush by a common ancestor 11 generations ago. Mrs. Cheney also found that Hillary Clinton and the vice president share a common ancestor about 8 generations ago.

This web site anxiously awaits news confirming that Cheney is related to Osama bin Laden, given the boost in prestige and power he has given al-Qaeda’s leader by the disastrous war in Iraq. How else can the stupidity of this venture be explained? Now, as for the Hillary connection,……