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Send In National Guard To Chicago?

Members of the National Guard have been serving overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq as a result of Bush decisions about war and peace. Some are now on their fourth deployment in zones of danger, but some Illinois legislators want to bring them back home so they can experience a fifth deployment in the wilds of Chicago. Rep. John Fritchey and his buddy, Lashawn Ford urged the governor of Illinois to send in the National Guard after a week in which seven were killed and 18 wounded on the streets of the windy city. Of course, there are those who want the National Guard in Arizona to spend time checking papers of people who look “Mexican” in order to sort out the legal from illegal. What next, send in the National Guard to keep things quiet at a rock concert?

Our wonderful young men and women who serve in the National Guard are tired. How about providing cities like Chicago with sufficient resources to create an environment that encourages young men to engage in productive work?