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Child Abuse Rampant In Irish Catholic Church!

A new report issued by Ireland’s Commission to Inquire Into Child Abuse blasted the Catholic Church for its failure to protect children against systematic beatings and sexual abuse. ” A climate of fear, created by pervasive, excessive and arbitrary punishment, permeated most of the institutions and all those run for boys. Children lived with the daily terror of not knowing where the next beating was coming from.” The system created to deal with children placed in industrial and reform schools turned out to be one in which those in charge behaved like criminals and those subject to their authority were treated like slaves. According to the report, thousands of boys and girls were raped and exploited by the religious brothers and nuns who theoretically were responsible for their well being.

The Ryan Commission also was critical of the Irish government for failure to supervise these institutions and protect children instead of simply going along with anything proposed by those in charge of the Catholic Church. There were calls for Pope Benedict to hold a special investigation into what happened to children in Ireland.

I have taught at a Catholic College and knew many wonderful nuns and priests. The horror of such stories is that all too often, those who are abusive to children are the ones placed in charge of children. In confronting this horrible story, hopefully, we don’t forget the decent priests and nuns.

Home Schooling Threatened in The UK

Thousands of parents in the United Kingdom prefer educating their children at home, but the government is now concerned over what they allege are examples of child abuse. The prosecution and conviction of a foster mother who abused three children for years has outraged many government officials and sparked discussion about investigating the entire home schooling process. Clare Murton, of Action for Home Education, argues the investigation is a “clear incitement to hatred of home educators” while other supporters believe “it is an attack on our beliefs.” Baroness Morgan, Children’s Minister, insists “local authorities have a significant duty to ensure all children are receiving a suitable education” but she believes there may be need for an investigation.

Many home school supporters believe the real object is for the government to gain “educational control over parents.” I am not an advocate or an opponent of home schooling. There are many arguments why parents should or should not be allowed to decide the education of children, but there is little evidence of widespread child abuse. Most probably child abuse is more prevalent among children attending schools than among home schoolers. The real issue is striking a balance between parental and societal rights concerning the education of children.

Danish Christian Group Behaves UnChristian

A former member of a prominent religious group, Faderhuset(Father’s House) provided police a detailed report about how children were abused and terrorized by those responsible for directing the group. The controversial Christian group is a recognized religion in Denmark and police have received numerous reports concerning how children under its care have been abused. Newspaper reports indicate several children between the ages of seven and fifteen attended a military style training camp on the island of Falster. The children, were treated as though they were soldiers. The man said, “”the children were hit, whipped and woken with a gun to their heads in the middle of the night and I was one of those who carried it out.”

It is always fascinating how “Christian” groups engage in such brutality to children. Their excuse is tough treatment is necessary because the children had to be trained to be “soldiers of Christ” as though somehow Jesus Christ wanted people to engage in war in his name.