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China Alters One Child Policy For Quake Victims

The Chinese government over the past thirty years has imposed a “one child” policy in order to prevent their nation’s population from growing to an excessive size. The recent earthquake has created several problems since so many children died in the catastrophe due to incompetence on the part of government officials who did a poor job of constructing building,s particularly, school facilities. Chinese officials announced that any parent who lost a child could have another and if a child was seriously injured, it would also lead to being able to have more children. More than 90% of parents who lost children are of child-bearing age, and initial studies indicate a high percent of them would like to have another child.

It is rather tragic that government rather than parents makes decisions regarding who can or can not have children. It is also insulting the Chinese government will only pay $15 a month for a child who was crippled. Modern China can do better.