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Speak Danish Or No Play On Playground!

A Danish school principal has banned the use of foreign languages by students who are playing on the playground on grounds that students yell at one another in languages that are not understood. Carsten Heyer, the principal was reported to the police after he instituted a Danish only voice on the playground. If a student breaks the rule, he will be reprimanded by a teacher and if he does it again, parents will be contacted. Daniski Skoleelever, of the National Student Association, termed the action childish and having no relation to any logical education goal. For some reason the principal is concerned that some students are being insulted in a language they do not understand. One would assume if someone is insulted in a language they do not know, then they don’t know they were insulted and will go on playing.

Logic would make insulting people in Danish more of a problem than insulting people in a language they don’t know. This is among the most ridiculous examples of authority being exercised for reasons that make no sense. Shouldn’t educators encourage insulting students in languages they don’t know since it would avoid conflict? Why would anyone become upset if another person speaks to them in words not understood?