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UN Halts Aid Due To Israel Policies In Gaza

There is a tactic used in playing American football in which a player waits until the referee’s back is turned and then hits another player. Naturally, when the referee turns around the player who was hit is now hitting the culprit and the referee winds up punishing him. Hamas has accomplished a masterful job of provoking Israel to violate international standards and bomb women and children. The UN has halted aid in Gaza because Israel fire has killed two drivers of trucks. UN observers have also reported Israel forces made it difficult to provide aid to wounded women and children. During the initial Israel air bombing most of those killed were members of Hamas security forces, but now it is mostly civilians who are dying.

The Red Cross and UN agencies are furious at Israel behavior toward civilians. Undoubtedly, Israel army leaders placed immediate security over long term considerations in firing on schools where there were children. They may have accomplished an immediate success, but, in the long term, they have blundered.

Israel has every right to demand an end to rocket attacks, but that right does not allow killing children.

US Air Strike In Iraq Kills Children

A U.S. helicopter srike north of Baghdad resulted in the death of several children when airmen were supposedly targeting al-Qaida forces. Associated Press TV news footae shod the bodies of three children n blod-drenched clothes, along with the bodies of five men,at the hospital in Beiji where the dead were taken. Beiji police Colonel Mudhher al-Qaisi said the children and eight civilian farmers were killed, the farmers were fleeing from an area where US forces were engaged in fighting. He said the helicopter became suspicious of the men and opened fire.

The American forces fired at the vehicle because it displayed what someone said was “hostile intent.” No explanation was offered by the military why the vehicle aroused suspicion or what exactly was the “hostile intent” of the car. Spokesman Colonel Jerry O’Hara said, the United States “sincerely regrets when any innocent civilians are injured, resulting from terrorists locating themselves in and around them. We take every precaution to protect innocent civilians and engae only hostile threats.”

There is no question that terrorist groups use civilians, but that does not mean every time an American unit kills civilians it was due to them being among terrorists. In any war, mistakes are made. The American armed forces, when guilty of mistakes, should acknowledge them and stop trying to explain away the error by claiming it was the fault of terrorists.

Sudan Bombs Darfur Villages-Seeks Economic Aid!

The Sudan government is seeking about $6 billion in aid from the world to help rebuild its devastated nation, particularly Darfur, where 200,000 have died and 2.5 million been displaced. Yesterday, a Sudan Antonov plane hovered over the village of Shegeg Karo for several minutes, surveyed the scene, and then dropped bombs on the market place and on a primary school. At least seven children were killed when bombs hit their primary school classrooms. Villagers said: “the Antonov hovered for a long time and then bombed repeatedly.” At least 30 children were wounded in the attack and the bombing of the marketplace area resulted in six dead and 20 wounded.

The government of Sudan denies any bombing took place although it was confirmed by the UN/African Union peacekeeping mission. One can only assume the Sudan government wants to be compensated by the world for destroying its own nation with these repeated bombings of Darfur. The killing of rape of Darfur continues and what is most sad is the lack of any outcry on the part of Arab nations for the genocidal policies of the government of Sudan. Gaza yes, Darfur no.