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British Children’s “Home” Scene Of Abuse!

Police in Jersey are examining the cellars and secret rooms of a children’s home where scores of people were allegedly abused. Last Saturday, a child’s skull was discovered as police continued their investigation into secret rooms where children were mistreated. Former case worker Christian Bowker described children frightened and if she showed them any sign of affection, the guards would glare causing the children to return into their shells. Former residents of the home, which allegedly cared for orphans and youngsters with behavioral problems, claim they were kept in solitary confinement, raped and beaten in rooms. They allege not only did staff abuse children, but other residents also raped and beat the children.

Police have 40 suspects and have spoken with 200 alleged victims of the brutality. WE live in the 21st century, but the world of Charles Dickens still remains alive in many parts of th is planet.