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China Interferes To Support Mugabe In Zimbabwe

It is generally agreed by any sane person that President Robert Mugabe is a mentally unbalanced individual who must step down in order to save the people of Zimbabwe from a complete disaster. Both the United States and Great Britain now openly say the power-sharing agreement that Mugabe agreed to last September is dead and there is no hope of implementing it without the end of Mugabe’s power. There are reports that China has been violating UN sanctions against arms to Zimbabwe by secretly sending in military supplies. Boeing 707 planes brought in several loads of arms and ammunition to Zimbabwe from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Several months ago a ship load of arms from China encountered a boycott by South African workers who refused to unload it for shipment to Zimbabwe. No one knows what happened to the military arms but they may have been sent to the DRC.

It is no longer a question when Zimbabwe will collapse, it HAS collapsed and millions face starvation unless the mad man and his thugs who run the nation are forced from power. The real question is why has Africa failed to save fellow Africans?