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China Dodges On Darfur Pollcy

The Chinese government is upset at attempts by humn rights activists to link their policy of cooperation with the Sudan government to the upcoming Olympics. Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Jiang Yu insisted “it is of apparent politicl intention and purposes to link the Darfur issue with the Olympics.” He rejected hopes by organizations his government would exert pressure on Sudan to halt the janjaweed attacks on innocent civilians. Although, China has important economic links with Sudan, the foreign ministry claims it lacks the power to exert pressure and is doing all in its power to help the people of Darfur by dispatching 140 enlgineering troops to assist.

China continues with its policy of doing what is best for the economic interests of itself regardless of how that impacts other people in the world. China today is an important economic power, but it dodges any responsibilities to aid those who are suffering. It will conduct business as usual with any repressive regime on grounds it is none of their business because its own business comes first. Hopefully, at some future time when China becomes a democratic society, it will assume its role on the world scene as a beacon of hope for those who need hope.