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China Betrays People Of Myanmar

The Chinese government lived up to what most experts expected would be their reaction to the brutal actions of the military junta of Myanmar — do nothing. China made it clear its opposition in the Security Council toward any UN actions such as sanctions against the Burmese military junta which has used force to put down peaceful demonstrations against its oppressive regime. Liu Janchao, a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry noted: “China hopes all relevant sides of Myanmar will maintain restraint and achieve reconciliation, democracy, and improve the living conditions of the people by peaceful means.”

This absurd statement merely reflects the intent of the Chinese government to ignore the use of force against peaceful and restrained efforts by the Burmese people led by pacifist monks to somehow express their frustrations with a government that is brutal, opposes democracy, and is destroying the living standards of the ordinary Burmese citizen. Perhaps, it is time for the world to respond to China’s inaction by boycotting the 2008 Olympics — of course, such action should be done peacefully, with restraint and through democratic means.