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China Getting Serious About Pirates

A bunch of pirates operating out of Somalia have ground to a halt the navies of most nations of the world. China, apparently, is getting tired of being pushed around by these two bit criminals and is ready to dispatch naval ships to take on the pirates of Somalia. It is rather amazing that America spends over $600 billion on its military but a handful of men zooming around in small boats can reduce world powers to helplessness. The real question is what exactly will additional Chinese naval vessels do if stationed off the coast of Somalia. It is estimated pirates this year have collected $120 million in extortion for the ships they capture.

Perhaps, the famed US Marines could detach a thousand men who could swoop in and wipe out the pirates of Somalia. Or, perhaps, Chinese Marines could handle the job. The entire situation off the coast of Somalia has become comic opera. Or, perhaps, the Marx Brothers could be resurrected and allow Groucho to handle the situation.