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Cambodian Government Halts Darfur Ceremony

American actress Mia Farrow expressed shock and bewilderment at actions by the government of Cambodia to block a ceremony at a former Khmer Rouge prison which was designed to highlight the crisis in Darfur where people are being brutalized by Sudan troops. “It is pretty harsh to be against a ceremony that honors the victims of Darfur and genocide survivors everywhere,” she said. “Frankly, I’m a little bewildered.” Farrow and other activists will procedd with the ceremony and hold it at the prison gates of the infamous Tuoi Sieng torture facility. She is working with a U.S. based advocacy group, ‘Dream For Darfur,’ which is staging a mock Olympic torch-lighting ceremony at the former prison to send a message to China, a major provider of arms to the Sudan government. The Cambodian government claims it opposes the ceremony because it is a “political message” against China.

China is a strong supporter of the Cambodian government and a strong suppporter of the brutal Sudan regime. Cambodia, of all the nations of the world, knows the experience of having a brutal government in power which mistreats its citizens. The world should simply boycott the Olympics until China ceasing aiding the Sudan government.0