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Two Elderly Chinese Women Will Not Attend Olympics!

Last week the Chinese government proudly announced despite setting aside areas in which those who wished to demonstrate could freely enjoy the right of protest, not a single such activity had taken place. Two elderly Chinese women were sentenced to a year of “re-education through labor” because they actually wanted to take advantage of the right to demonstrate. According to the son of one of the women, Wu Dianysun, 79 and Wang Xiuying, 77, went to the police station seeking a permit to demonstrate against officials who had evicted them from their homes. After three fruitless visits they returned for a fourth only to be informed by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau they would receive a year’s punishment for “disturbing the public order.”

Wu told a reporter “when I heard about the possibility of being allowed to protest, I was very happy. My issue could be resolved. But, it turned out all to be cheating. I feel stuck in my heart.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if athletes at the Olympics staged a one hour demonstration of refusing to participate in any activity until the two elderly women were allowed to protest?

No One Wants To Protest Claims China!

Beijing authorities insist they have received 77 applications from people wishing to stage demonstrations but actually no one went through with a protest. For some strange reason voices of opposition who have held up banners or challenged Chinese authorities do not wish to avail themselves of an opportunity to legally stage a protest. Of course, several people who did come forth to apply for an application were imprisoned or sent on a trip to some distant locale in order to avoid any problem that might ensue from staging a demonstration in Beijing.

The farce of the so-called areas for official protest were never meant to be anything other than a means of identifying those who wanted to protest so their names could be recorded.