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A Ship With No Port Of Call In Africa

African National Congress leader Jacob Zuma, who will soon become president of South Africa, said it is still too early to impose a blanket arms embargo on the Zimbabwe govenment. He said dock workers in Durban had “correctly” refused to unload a Chinese ship which was carrying arms destined for the oppressive government of President Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. The An Yue Jiang is carrying an extensive cargo of weapons but is now wandering along the coast of Africa without a port in which to deposit its cargo. It was finally taken out of its misery when the Chinese Foreign Ministry ordered it to return home.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown bluntly told Mugabe his actions in refusing to release or accept results of last month’s presidential election was “unacceptable” and threatened to call for an arms embargo on any weapons destined to Zimbabwe.

The only way to compel Mugabe to accept the verdict of the people of Zimbabwe is by extensive sanctions and a ban on sending any weapons to that nation. The only weapon Mugabe understands is the weapon of action.