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Life In China Labor Camp Not A Chopsticks Time!

Xiong Wei was attracted to the ideas of the Falun Gong spiritual movement whose adherent are found all over the world, but in its Chinese birth place to belong is to soon discover punishment or even jail. The Falun Gong dates only from 1992 when it was founded on principles of “truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.” Her initial crime was to order software which allowed access to the Falun Gong website, an oversight that was soon corrected by police who grabbed her and she soon wound up in prison. After one night in jail, Ms. Wei was sent to the notorious women’s labor camp in Daxing. Her task was packing between 6,000 to 8,000 chop sticks every day. There were penalties for misbehavior.

Fortunately, her case was taken up by prominent Europeans and after two years, Ms. Wei was released and she shortly released herself from life in China. She noted “the guards knew that they couldn’t leave any visible marks of torture on m y body, because it might have gotten international attention.” Unfortunately, for the thousands of others in Chinese labor camps no international groups campaign for their release.

I doubt if I will reach for chop sticks on my next trip to a Chinese restaurant.

Turkey Denounces “Genocide” In Uighur

The prime minister of Turkey issued a sharp statement directed at China for what it termed the “genocide” now occurring in Xinjiang province of western China. Prime Minister Recept Tayiyip Erdogan expressed his shock at the death of nearly 200 people and the wounding of about 1,700 caused by mobs attacking one another in the capital city and the ensuing actions of the Chinese army. Uighur exile leaders expressed their appreciation for Erdogan’s remarks Actually, in fairness of Erdogan he specifically referred to the deaths as a “sort of genocide” and wondered why the Chinese government would not take action to end violence.

It is wonderful that a Turkish leader finally has used the word, “genocide,” but, of course, it is disappointing the word was not used in reference to the genocide carried out by the Ottoman empire against Armenians. The death of 184 is horrible. But, to Erdogan, the death of hundreds of thousands of Armenians has yet to be resolved. Perhaps, one day the Turkish government will openly use words like “genocide” and allow their nation to move on.

Chinese Government Relents On Mosque Closing

The Communist Party has governed China for over fifty years during which time it has cracked down on any opposition group which posed a threat to its dictatorial rule. During this time period, the government encouraged millions of Han Chinese to migrate to western regions which historically were Muslim in nature. It is not surprising eventually a clash arose between the original Uighur Muslim inhabitants and Chinese Han migrants. The past week has witnessed mobs roaming the streets beating and killing those of a different ethnic or religious group. It is not surprising Chinese officials are lost in attempting to understand the feelings, or ideas of Muslim Uighurs. They decided to close mosques in Urumqi only to unleash further protests. Fortunately, common sense crept into the minds of Chinese officials and they relented to allow men to pray.

Uighurs told western reporters “we felt we are being insulted. This is our mosque. But, we are not allowed in, while they let in non-believers.” It is estimated the 23,000 mosques in Xinjiang province is the highest mosque to Muslim ratio in the world.

The question is whether Chinese authorities have learned that allowing people to practice their religion or cultural beliefs only fosters peace and tranquility.

Chinese Version- Happy Campers Celebrating In Urumqi

As always, in Communist China, there are no problems, just people having some fun and in the process a few get injured. The Chinese media is making certain their nation receives plenty of stories and pictures of happy and loving Han and Uighurs working together in a city under conflict due to the actions of a few malcontent Hans and Uighurs. Over 200 are probably dead and thousands wounded, but to the Chinese media, it is best to look at the bright side, there are millions of people who never became involved in any rioting. For some reason, this minor affair caused President Hu Jintao to hurriedly leave a major meeting of world leaders, skip a meeting with President Obama and cancel a state trip to Portugal. The departure reveals Chinese leaders were surprised by the extent of the violence, and divided on how to handle still another outbreak of ethnic anger.

The reality is that Han residents of the capital city feel safe, but Uighurs are remaining inside their homes and keeping children from school due to fear they will be attacked by Han hooligans. According to local Communist party chief, U Zhi, “A handful of Han attackd Uighurs and there were a handful of Uighurs who attacked Han.” Now, that the handful of peace disturbers are in jail, everything has returned to joyous happiness in the happy land of Communist China.

Hundreds Probably Dead In Xinjiang Region Of China

China’s policy of encouraging Han residents to head west into Xinjiang province or populate the region of Tibet was bound to eventually result in a backlash from local residents who are gradually finding themselves a minority in their own country. There were numerous confrontations between native Uighurs and Han settlers which resulted in the death of many Hans by angry Uighurs. Latest reports indicate mobs of Hans armed with clubs and chains are surging through Urumqi yelling “Attack Uighurs,” and “Defend Stability, protect the motherland.” The Hans argue they were attacked by the Uighurs and now it is time to repay them with violence. The local Communist party chief, Wang Lequan, warned the struggle was far from over and new violence should be expected.

Among the protests were hundreds of Uighurs, mostly women and children, who were demanding release of their fathers and brothers. Authorities have imprisoned about 1,400 people, and most probably are Uighurs. The Chinese government blames Rebiya Kadeer, leader of the exiled World Uighur Congress for instigating the violence. Chinese authorities believe the goal of Uighur leaders is to create an independent nation and leave China.

For some reason, unlike the violence in Tibet, the Chinese government is offering more extensive freedom for the media to report what is happening. Perhaps, the next step is for China to offer greater local self government to regions like the Uighurs or Tibetans.

We should not ignore that Xinjiang covers a sixth of China and contains oil, gas, and coal deposits.

Riots Rage In Muslim Areas Of China

Riots swept western Muslim regions of China as Uighurs in restive Xinjiang clashed with Han Chinese in bloody battles that resulted in the death of hundreds. In the capital burnt out buildings were smoldering as riot police fought Muslim Uighurs who are tired of Han Chinese entering their homeland and attempting to become the dominant group. Witnesses reported that Uighurs attacked their Han neighbors and left many dead or suffering serious injuries. Police were firing at Uighurs which caused deaths and wounded. The Chinese government, as usual, found someone to blame rather than accept its own responsibility in failing to respect the religion or customs of Uighurs. It said unrest was “masterminded by the World Uighur Congress.”

There are reports Chinese authorities killed Uighurs by firing at them and even sent armored cars into crowds which resulted in other deaths. A Uighur resident told a reporter that “it all started because some Uighurs were killed in Guangdong and people wanted to protest.” Hospitals claim most of the dead and wounded are of Han background although many also are Uighurs.

What’s Going On In North Korea?

A few weeks ago the United Nations Security Council imposed further sanctions on North Korea after it tested long range missiles and boasted of pursuing its nuclear weapon program. Yesterday, North Korea fired a host of short range missiles which are part of its ground to missile program. The reality is no one knows for certain what is happening in North Korea since lack of contacts with government officials or military leadership results in a vast array of guessing by so called “experts.” The reality is Western nations, and that includes the UN Security Council, lack leverage on the paranoid rulers of North Korea who spend their time inventing threats to their nation.

The only trump card remaining to the world lies in the hand of China. North Korea depends on Chinese economic assistance to maintain its society. China is trapped in a dilemma. It could bring down the regime of North Korea by halting further aid, but, in so doing, it might unleash the prospect of millions of people crossing over from North Korea as they flee starvation and chaos. Hopefully, there is an middle point at which China can impose sanctions that force North Korean change without resulting in chaos and anarchy. Th ball is in the court of China.

Chinese Students In Australia Harassed

Australia currently has a student export industry that brings in over fifteen billion dollars a year, but it being threatened by racists in their nation who believe they have to attack Chinese students attending local universities. There are over 130,000 Chinese students now at Australian universities, but their government is concerned over recent attacks by racist groups. Parents of students from India have also expressed their concern and are making known to authorities they will withdraw their children from Australia unless steps are taken to end the persecution of foreign students.

Ironically, as Australia experiences a severe economic turndown, local racists are attacking the source of income for their nation. This is an example of how racism can backfire and hurt those who are hurting other humans.

Is China The Loser In North Korean Madness?

The recent outburst of aggressive behavior on the part of North Korea has created confusion in most parts of the world, but China is the nation that is most impacted by North Korean threats of nuclear or military confrontation. China has assumed a role as the policeman of eastern Asia, and has endeavored to work in a cooperative manner with the insular leaders of North Korea whose knowledge of the outside world is close to zero. China does not wish a nuclear race to emerge in Asia because at the center of Chinese foreign policy is a commitment to maintaining the status quo– in which China is at the center of power. China has been the leader of the six nations which have been attempting to work with North Korea and depending upon China to exert its influence.

Mot probably no one knows what is going on inside the mind of Kim Jong Il. Is there a power struggle? Is North Korea actually intending to initiate military aggression? Are its leaders filled with paranoid fantasies about being invaded? China, more than any nation, can not allow military action to occur on its border. At this point, hopefully China must assume leadership.

Adios USA, Says Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez never missed an opportunity to attack the United States because for some reason he believes a weak America somehow results in greater power for himself in Latin America. On his visit to Beijing, the Venezuelan president praised China and informed its leaders they were now a world leader and would surpass the United States in power and prestige. “The unipolar world has collapsed. The power of the US empire has collapsed. Every day, the new poles of world power are becoming stronger. Beijing, Tokyo, Tehran… it’s moving towards the East and the South.”

As always, Mr. Chavez makes a point along with revealing his ignorance. Japan is hardly booming these days and it lacks economic, political, and military power to influence world opinion or decisions. He also appears to ignore that China’s adoption of capitalism has sparked its economic development, not weakened it.