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China Denounces Criticisms Of Human Rights

Methinks, the Chinese government doth protest too much whenever the topic of human rights in their nation is raised by outside groups. A common Chinese strategy in dealing with negative remarks concerning its lack of democracy is to go on the attack and point out those raising issues about human rights do not have the best record in their own country. “We urge the U.S. to own up to its own human rights problems, and not use human rights as an excuse to publish human rights reports in order to meddle in others’ internal affairs” was the response of a Chinese spokesperson to the US State Department annual report on human rights abuses. Frankly, attacking the messenger does not address the issue of the message carried by the delivery person.

China has abused human rights in so many ways it is difficult having a beginning point. Dissidents are in jail, the people of Tibet are not allowed freedom of expression or even freedom of culture to be who they wish to be. China is right, there are many human rights abuses in the United States but that does not have anything to do with what happens in China. Why doesn’t China issue its own human rights report. Naturally, they would be number one on the list.

China Closes Tibet To Foreigners For A Month

The Chinese government continues to bungle the issue of Tibet by imposing a ban on travel to the region by foreigners. Next month marks the anniversary of the Tibetan rebellion against China which was crushed. An employee of the government run-travel agency in Lhasa said they were asked to stop organizing tour groups for Tibet during the coming months. An employee of a major hotel said “foreigners cannot go there in March because we has stopped giving out permits.”

China is a powerful nation and there is no possibility of Tibetans or anyone else attempting violent ways of damaging the existing government. The decision to ban travel only makes people aware the China made some mistakes concerning the Tibetan people. Actually, if the Chinese government simply ignored the anniversary, most people– aside from Tibetans– would have forgotten what happened a year ago. As always, the Chinese government shoots itself in the foot.

China Gets Sex Education Program Going

The Chinese government has launched a sex-education program in order to deal with the inherent shyness of many young Chinese who will not discuss sex issues or seek professional aid. Among the kick off events was a kissing contest which somehow is connected with reducing unhealthy sex activity. The new program is partially in response to pornography and sexually explicit materials available online as well as the popularity of foreign films which depict sex in ways not normally presented in Chinese films. The slogan of the campaign is “the sunshine project to care for gender health.” It includes posters, ads, and an international sex toy fair to make young people aware there are ways to prevent unintended children.

Chinese society has never been on in which people go around discussing their sex lives in the manner of Americans. Every day and night American TV depicts couples and individuals discussing their sex problems and being willing to do any ridiculous activity in order to get the world to know what they think about sex.

The reality is too many young Chinese are not seeking medical help when they need it and this leads to sexually transmitted diseases spreading.

China Continues Denying Dalai Lama

The Chinese Communist government’s greatest fear is any evidence that separatist feeling is present in their nation. They rule over a multicultural society containing people of many religions and ethnic groups so the very thought that one region might harbor thoughts about breaking away is enough to send Communist leaders into a state of terror. The nation is approaching the anniversary of a Tibetan protest which garnered world wide interest and anger at the Chinese government’s brutal suppression of those participating in riots. Tibet’s official Buddhist association called on lamas and nuns to reject any connection with separatist groups or with the exiled Dalai Lama. Naturally, in a communist society their comments to the public reflected a “unanimous” view of those in the organization. It asked monks to “see clearly that the 14th Dalai Lama is the ringleader of the separatist association which seeks Tibet independence.”

Actually, the Dalai Lama has repeatedly rejected calls for separatism and stressed his belief in working with government officials to ensure the people of Tibet had greater local autonomy. Unfortunately, he is attempting to deal with paranoid Chinese communists who believe there is a plot by capitalists to destroy their nation. There is no such plot.

Human Rights In China-Where Does Obama Stand?

Barack Obama confronts a situation in which his nation is economically damaged and militarily exhausted making him less able to take aggressive stands in support of human rights. Several leading human rights groups are urging Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be firm in her meetings with Chinese officials about the situation of human rights in that nation. Human Rights told her fighting for human rights would send “a signal” to Beijing although it is doubtful if such comments would elicit anything other than anger and hostility. Years ago when she was a senator, Clinton spoke at conferences that it is the “duty of all governments to respect the fundamental human rights of women and men.” Those words were then, today, she is secretary of state of a nation that is experiencing economic collapse.

Hillary Clinton is now secretary of state and is not an individual senator who can freely speak her mind. The United States has limited leverage on the Chinese government and it is not likely she can do anything other than express some quiet pleasant words.

Get The Flag Right, Brownie!

In olden days, the sun never set on the British flag, but these days, the problem is not the sun never setting, but the ability of British leaders to get the flag in the right position. The government of Gordon Brown has endured many issues such as a declining economy, loss of jobs, and trying to explain away the war in Iraq, but now add to the list the ability of Socialist leaders to getting the British flag flying in the right position. During a recent visit by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, the flags of both nations were displayed, but, for some reason the British flag was displayed in an upside down position.

Observers wonder if the Brown government was sending a signal to the world by displaying an upside down flag. Historically, an upside down flag conveyed that a ship was in distress. Given the collapse of banks and business in England, perhaps, this was not a mistake but a signal to the world the Brown government was upside-down and in deep distress.

Who knows, maybe the American flag should now be displayed in an upside-down position.

Shoe Throwing Epidemic Hits Chinese Leader

Those who seek to protest against tyrants have discovered a new weapon that will pass through most metal detectors –shoes. Chinese Premier Wen Siabao was giving a presentation at Cambridge to a fairly attentive audience when suddenly a man stood up, took off his shoe, and threw it in the direction of the Chinese leader. The man’s arm apparently was not of major league caliber and the show flew off to the side. He shouted out “How can the university prostitute itself with this dictator?” and was then grabbed by security guards and hauled away. Wen took a deep breath and continued his speech by saying, “We came in peace. This is not going to obstruct China-UK friendship.”

At least shoe throwing does not result in deaths or the killing of innocent civilians so no one should be overly upset at this incident. Of course, only about 100 or so protestors were outside complaining about the Chinese premier whose government has killed hundreds. The other protestors no doubt were before the Israel embassy protesting Israeli killing. After all, there are no protestors complaining about the death of five million in the Congo.

Up the shoes!

Chinese View Of Barack Obama Administration

Few Americans realize the extent to which George Bush has damaged the nation’s reputation throughout the world and the problems that are left for Barack Obama to resolve. A spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Defense urged Obama to restore positive bilateral military relations between the two nations that have been derailed by Bush policies toward Taiwan. “Only when both countries respect each other’s core interests can we consolidate the politic al base of our military relations.” China suspended high level military contact after Bush proceeded to sell arms to Taiwan. The Ministry of Defense made clear American sales of arms to Taiwan only made more difficult the possibility of close military relations between the two nations.

The issue is not whether or not China will invade and conquer Taiwan since there is scant evidence of that possibility in the near future. Taiwan is secure and the immediate need is securing Chinese cooperation in many areas of the world ranging from Pakistan to Afghanistan and the Middle East. China wants Obama to focus on the need for close cooperation between the military forces of the United States and China by ending arms sales to Taiwan and focusing on what must be done to confront world problems. It is time to move away from the confrontational stance of Bush toward one in which both sides display mutual respect.

When In Saudi Arabia-Just Shut Up About Work Issues!

Saudi Arabia imports workers from throughout the world to handle the tasks of everyday living and those dirty jobs that Saudi citizens avoid. A group of 23 Chinese immigrants decided to go on strike over low wages, an act that is normal in most societies which respect human rights. But, in Saudi Arabia to dare challenging those who wield power is akin to being a revolutionary. The men were working at an industrial site when they told the boss of their desire for higher pay. Within a few hours, some strange men arrived, arrested the Chinese workers, and took them away to a place where they could not initially contact family members.

Little did the Chinese workers know that going on strike is an illegal act in the nation of Saudi Arabia. The Chinese embassy attempted to intercede, but the men were already being prepared for a voyage back to China. To live in Saudi Arabia is to be entrapped in a religious dominated society in which those possessing power do not relax any, particularly when issues of individual rights are concerned.

Rice Checks Out On Trip To China And Stays Home

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had planned to visit China this week in order to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of establishment of ties between the People’s Republic of China and the United States, but events in the Middle East have caused a delay in her travel. However, Rice said at this point she had not plans to travel to the Middle East. The president of China, Hu Jintao, urged that a diplomatic solution be found to halt the fighting in Gaza and restore peace to the region. Israel tanks and soldiers continued their push into Gaza while Hamas vowed to kill the invaders.

The foreign policy of the Bush administration in the Middle East has always been rather confusing. One would think that Secretary of State Rice’s primary focus at this time is working to immediately end the fighting and bring peace to the Middle East, but, aside from Bush remarks that Israel had a right to defend itself, the United States has remained rather silent on this matter. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, the United States will have a secretary of state who wings her way to the Middle East and focuses on discussions and compromise.