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CNN- Why Are You Anti-China Asks China?

The Chinese government continued its relentless media campaign to defend actions in Tibet by blaming CNN reporting as biased and unfair. The China Daily insisted there were “distorted reports” and false captions under pictures which attempted to distort the reality of what was occurring. For example, they cite a CNN picture which allegedly claims people are running in front of trucks when the actual footage shows them throwing stones at the trucks. “Just the same day, a picture on the BBC website showing Chinese riot police officers helping medical staff move a wounded person into an ambulance was captioned, ‘there is a heavy military presence in Lhasa.’ The Chinese characters ‘Jijiu'(First Aid) on the ambulance are so conspicuous and even for those who don’t know Chinese characrters well, the Red Cross signs on the ambulance were also obvious to see.”

There is no question China used brutal force to impose its will on the people of Tibet, but, most probably reporting on the Tibet situation contained numerous mistakes on the part of western media. Western media mistakes only strengthen the feelings of Chinese people they are being subjected to historic prejudice and it most probably helped create the desire of thousands of Chinese bloggers to post images and comments defending their nation’s actions in Tibet.

The western world has to be cognizant of a growing sense of Chinese nationalism on the part of thousands of Chinese bloggers who are using access to the Internet as a means of championing their nation.