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Malaysia Continues Descent Into Destroying Democracy

Malaysia has been regarded for decades as a nation which is committed to democracy even though the same coalition of parties rules the state with an iron fist. However, the winds of change are swirling and each example of cracking down on those who oppose the government only appear to make Malaysia’s rulers appear incompetent and out of touch with reality. The government came under renewed criticism when the Home Minister arrested a journalist on grounds he was merely trying to protect her against violence. Tan Hoon Cheng, a reporter for a Chinese language newspaper together with the editor of an opposition newspaper because their critical remarks about the government some how would result in ethnic violence that eventually would cause them to be assaulted.

Anwar Ibrahim, has been attempting to create a new coalition of parties which would ensure that minorities in Malaysia finally obtained a voice in government. The government has charged him with various crimes in order to silence anyone who dares challenge the establishment which rules the nation. Fortunately, Anwar is committed to a pluralistic society in which all members have a voice in government. He also seeks to end the rigid rule which prevents students from participating in politics.