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China Blankets Tibet With Troops

Large numbers of Chinese troops have been sent to Tibet as its government, in essence, acknowledges the existence of widespread opposition on the part of people in Tibet to the continued presence of Chinese in their nation. Tourists and journalists are not being allowed into most areas of Tibet. Thousands of paramilitary troops abord at least 80 trucks were seen traveling along the main road winding through the mountains into southeastern Tibet. Others set up camps and patrolled streets in riot gear helmets and rifles in the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge. Further north, the town of Zhongdian was being guarded by soldiers who were prepared to use tear gas on any protest group.

The last remaining foreign journalists in Lhasa, Georg Lume of Germany and Kristin Kupfer of Austria were forced to leave in order to impose a blackout on news to the outside world. An offical with the exiled Tibetan government estimates at least 99 are dead and hundreds wounded. The Dalai Lama has publicly offered to meet with Chinese officials in order to work out a peaceful resolution of the situation.

Chinese televison is showing scenes of wild protests and burning on the part of Tibetans but there are no video clips about actions of Chinese troops to quell the riots.