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Go West Young Chinese!

Over 100,000 Chinese migrated to the European Union last year becoming the second largest group of foreigners entering Rumania, and the third for Britain, France and Hungary. The largest group of migrants came from the 140,000 Moroccans who entered the European Union in search of jobs. The largest supplier of migrants within the EU came from Poland where 290,000 of its citizens headed west to other nations in search of work and prosperity. Spain now ranks as the source of the largest number of immigrants entering an EU nation since 803,000 entered its borders.

Immigration into the European Union fills a major problem that is caused by low birth rates in the European Union compelling immigrants to enter their nations and do work that its citizens refuse to accept. The low birth rate eventually will witness the population decline of most EU nations resulting in an ever increasing percent of the population consisting of people from other parts of the world. The EU is becoming the United States of Europe.

Malaysia Cracks Down On Equal Rights Group

The government of Malaysia has banned an ethnic Indian group which has been fighting to obtain equal rights for minorities in the Muslim controlled nation. Home Secretary Minister Syed Hamid Albar claimed the Hindu Rights Action Force was “detrimental to public order and security.” The organization has been working through peaceful means to have the government address legitimate concerns about discrimination against Indian and Chinese minorities in the country. According to the government directive anyone who joins the group can be prosecuted and face up to five years in prison.

The Indian group gained fame last November when it led tens of thousands of ethnic Indians in a massive protest against discrimination in fields like education, jobs and business opportunities which tend to give preference to Muslim members of society. Muslims can use force to destroy opposition groups, but as division arises within Muslim groups, there will be an outreach to Indians and Chinese to help a Muslim party gain power in parliament.

Malaysian Politician Warns Chinese Not To Be Like Jews!

Malaysia’s governing coalition is in an uproar after a Malaysian political leader warned the Chinese minority not to emulate the behavior of Jews in America. Ahmad Ismail, told the Chinese minority in the nation: “I urge the Chinese not to become like the Jewish in America, where it is not enough that they control the economy, but they also want to dominate politics.” He added in threatening tones: “consider this a warning from the Malays. The patience of the Malays has a limit. Do not push us against the wall, for we will b e forced to turn back and push the Chinese for our own survival.” Gerakan, an ethnic Chinese-based party, has announced it was leaving the coalition government.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawai is furious at the remarks which have fractured his coalition. He is engaged in a fierce fight over power with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and the last thing he needs is to create problems with the Chinese ethnic minority. Chinese and Indian minorities who constitute about 40% of the population are demanding greater access to power in government and the Malays are hesitant to give them much power.

South African Chinese Now Termed Black

The apartheid era in South African history is characterized by laws that strictly delineated the place in society of people based on their skin color. Although Chinese immigrants to South Africa date back to the 1660s, the Chinese were hard to define so South African authorities threw them into the category of “coloured” which theoretically meant a mixture of black and white. The Chinese Association of South Africa(CASA) has sued for redress of the situation because by being classified as “coloured” people of Chinese heritage are not eligible for affirmative action programs. As Patrick Chong of CASA, “under the apartheid rule, we were classified as colored– a term used to describe a mixture of black and white races. After the democracy came to power, our status was no longer recognized as coloured so we were in between.” This meant people of Chinese heritage were not eligible for gaining jobs as part of affirmative action programs.

A Pretoria high court responded to the CASA petition by deciding that South Africans of Chinese heritage will now be classified as being “black” and thus eligible for affirmative action program. Once societies begin classifying people on the basis of skin, they invariably wind up with confusion and a bit of madness in trying to determine who is who.

Olympic Game Fights Erupt In Seoul

The Olympic Torch relay hit the streets of Seoul only to create demonstrations from groups including ethnic Chinese who expressed their pride to North Korean defectors who regard China as a supporter of the oppressive North Korean regime. Han Chang-kwon, head of a union of North Korean defectors, stated bluntly, “I believe China isn’t qualified to hold the Olympics. They’re using the Olympics to send North Koreans back to their country, which is why I came to rally to publicize their in humane actions.”

At one point an angry North Korean attempted to set himself on fire, but was prevented by the police. More than 8,300 police officers were moblized to protect the 22 kilometer Olympic march. Even while Koreans protested against, thousands of Chinese expressed their admiration for China and wanted the world to know they have pride in the Chinese nation.

The Olympics was to be an opportunity for China to enter the world stage as a leading nation in the 21st century. Instead, its actions in Tibet, its crackdown on Chinese dissidents, and its policy of returning fleeing North Koreans back to the oppressive world of North Korea increasingly turn supporters of China into disappointed friends.

China Rolls Out Propaganda To Blame Tibetan Radicals

The riots have ended in Tibet, at least for the moment, and the Chinese government is in full swing with its campaign to prove they were caused by evil Tibetans who killed fellow Tibetans. The China Daily reports “of the 18 innocent people killed, three were Tibetans, and stores owned by Tibetans and Hui people were also burnt down or looted.” A local Tibet official, Baema Chillain, is quoted as emphsizing that “strangers” forced people to participate in the riots. The story being told by the Chinese media and those friendly to the government is one in which riots were caused by those who are against the interests of the people of Tibet and thanks to the hard work and generosity of the Chinese government everything is back to normal.

Of course, no where is anything mentioned about the deaths of over a hundred people nor of the actions of Chinese police and soldiers to squash the riots. There will be more such stories in the coming weeks of happy Tibetans who have been freed from evil outsiders who caused the entire mess.