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Mugabe Backs Down From Declaring End To Cholera!

Yesterday, President Robert Mugabe told his people the cholera epidemic in the country had been licked and there was nothing to fear even as hundreds were dying of cholera. His remarks sparked a world wide furor at the sight of a nation’s leader lying about a disease that had already killed 800 and was on the way to killing thousands. Some critics even compared the delusional Zimbabwean leader to Adolf Hitler. A spokesman for the president rushed to inform the world, Mugabe has spoken with “sarcasm” and accused western nations of distorting his words. Mugabe had asserted the cholera problem had been solved with the assistance with the World Health Organization, but an official at the WHO made clear, “I don’t think the cholera outbreak is under control as of now.”

Bishop Joe Seoka of the South African Anglican church said: “Mugabe must be viewed as the 21st century Hitler because of the deaths and sufferings of Zimbabweans under his rule.” He urged that war-crimes charges should be filed against Mugabe.

The issues of Zmbabwe will not be solved until the African Union places the needs of Africans before their friendship with Mugabe for past success.