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Mugabe Retreats Deeper Into Fantasy

Once upon a time there was a magical fairy land in the center of Africa that was ruled by a man named St. Bobby who loved his people so much that he would not allow any interloper to have a voice in the government because they might do things to stimulate the economy or provide jobs and food to the people. In the fantasy land of Mugabeland, everyone is happy because they don’t have to waste energy on eating food or working, they can lounge around and watch St. Bobby on television. The beloved president of the land is so concerned about the welfare of its people that he has decided the best way to get food to the populace is to allow a whole bunch of shiftless people to die which means there is more left for those who are still alive.

In the enchanted Mugabeland, there are still some malcontents who refuse to believe if one eats the words spoken by St. Bobby, there is not need for that colonial idea of bread and milk and meat since ten words spoken by our enchanted prince are equivalent to a meal of rice and meat.

OK, so 50,023 people have cholera and 2,773 have died, but look at the bright side– none of the dead or infected people are those who surround the beloved St. Bobby. When St. Bobby says he cares about “the people of Zimbabwe,” he never said he was referring to anyone other than the lackeys and sycophants who surround him.

So, let’s give a cheer for St. Bobby, if he can achieve his dream there will be no one left in Mugabeland but those who like him.

Zimbabwe Cholera Rises And The World Is Silent

There will be no street demonstrations in the cities of planet Earth because over 2,000 people in Zimbabwe have died due to cholera nor will there be any talk about “genocide” or a “holocaust” because the people who are dying are of no interest to the world at large. They are merely some inhabitants of a country far away in a nation lacking oil or people who are able to interact with the media and produce sympathy. The picture of a child dying of cholera simply lacks the emotional drive of a child’s body lying amidst rubble. Both children are dead due to human stupidity but the death of one will always assume paramount importance over the death of the other.

The latest UN figure is 2,201 have died of cholera in Zimbabwe. African nations are silent about death in that country and will not take any action against President Mugabe who is responsible for destroying his nation’s economy, driving over two million to flee, and allowing the health infrastructure to collapse. After all, twenty years ago he was a hero of the anti-colonial movement and that ensures his reputation.

The European Union is promising to impost sanction on Mugabe and his fellow thugs. But, where is the African Union? Silence is their response to the death of Africans at the hands of Africans.

Cholera Moves From Zimbabwe To Other African Nations

Nations in southern regions of Africa increasingly are concerned about the spread of cholera from Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean government is led by tyrannical Robert Mugabe whose concern for power is more important than the lives of the population. There was no cholera last year,but Mugabe made the choice of destroying his opponent in order to maintain power. Latest reports indicate that 2,100 have died of cholera and the number of cases continues to rise. Unfortunately, cholera is now spreading to Zambia and South Africa. Zambia hs seen 2,108 cases of cholera due to the madness that envelops Zimbabwe.

South African health officials say they are now encountering cases of cholera that must have originated in Zimbabwe. Former president Mibeki refused for months to exert pressure on his close friend, Robert Mugabe, and the result is that South Africans now face a cholera problem. Until nations of Africa unite to end tyranny, there will always be issues of disease caused by human ineptitude.

Zimbabwe Enters Dangerous Season For Cholera Spread

The rainy season in Zimbabwe is just about to peak and there is extensive fear weather will play a vital role in the spread of cholera in the nation which now has infected over 30,000 people and killed about 1,600. The World Health Organization said infection is growing at an ever faster rate since the entire health and sanitation system has collapsed due to the inept rule of President Mugabe. He has refused to implement promises made to Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) to share power. Instead Mugabe has unleashed his thugs to intimidate, brutalize and even kill members of the opposition. Millions of people face starvation unless something can be done to compel Mugabe to behave like a decent human being. Health Minister David Parirenyatwa points out, “floods are a predisposing factor for cholera.”

Food is scarce, there is not enough money to pay doctors and nurses and unemployment impacts over half the population. Mugabe apparently will void the power-sharing agreement and appoint his own Cabinet which will result in further sanctions from the world. In the meantime, African nations remain silent and refuse to take any action to assist the people of Zimbabwe due to friendship with Mugabe. Such is the situation in Zimbabwe. Cry for this beloved country and its sorrow.

Cry The Beloved Country Of Zimbabwe!

The silence of African leaders regarding the tragedy of Zimbabwe is deafening but it can not block out the screams and agony of thousands of innocent victims of the Robert Mugabe tyranny which has transformed a vibrant economy into a desert of treeless desolation. While the pseudo defender of democracy rants on and on about colonialism, thousands are dying of starvation and the cholera figure has now passed 1,500. Lawyers for dissident leaders who have been imprisoned by Mugabe are asking the Zimbabwe High Court to declare the president in contempt for destroying the nation. Dozens of opposition leaders and activists have been jailed for daring to oppose Mugabe’s dictatorial regime and there are even reports of a two year old in jail. His crime, undoubtedly, was crying without permission of the one and only leader.

Naturally, Mugabe is trying to prove opponents have plotted to overthrow his government. Of course, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai actually won the only free election only to have it voided by Mugabe.

At this point in time, there are no more words to describe the horror of Zimbabwe under Mugabe. Thousands are currently marching to protest Israel attacks on Gaza, but who is marching for the people of Zimbabwe? Silence….

Mugabe Cries Plot-What Else Can He Claim?

Shortly after Adolf Hitler seized power he made up a phony story that communists were trying to set fire to parliament and used that excuse to arrest thousands of opponents. Robert Mugabe, the erratic leader of Zimbabwe is claiming there is a plot by former colonial powers to assassinate the leaders of his country as a prelude to invading and restoring control by colonialists. The air force chief, Perrance Shiri was shot in the arm as part of the alleged plan to get rid of Mugabe and his coterie of thugs and criminals who now run Zimbabwe. According to the government run, Herald newspaper, “the attack on Air Marshall Shiri appears to be a build up of terror attacks targeting high-profile persons, government officials, government establishments and public transportation systems.” There are reports of bomb exploding at a police station.

The entire charade is simply a ploy to divert attention from the fact cholera deaths have now passed 1,000 even though Mugabe last week insisted there was no cholera in his country and it was a myth created by former colonial powers. Of course, Botswana and Kenya have been leading the fight to get rid of Mugabe–undoubtedly examples of “former colonial powers.” Unfortunately, South Africa has blocked efforts to take action against the criminals who run Zimbabwe.

Mugabe Ready To Declare State Of Emergency

President Robert Mugabe is prepared to declare a state of emergency as his final excuse to continue disregarding law and order. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) believes many of its members who were abducted over the past few months by henchmen of Mugabe will be brought forth to make “confession” which blame British or American forces with a plot to overthrow the government of Zimbabwe. It is part of the charade employed by Mugabe to disguise is complete lack of respect for law and order.

Zimbabwe is in a state of complete collapse with cholera figures expected to top 1,000 in the coming week. A week ago, Mugabe claimed there was no cholera in his land and it was all manufactured by “colonialists” to cover up their plan of invasion. Unfortunately, no nation is preparing any invasion of Zimbabwe which

There Is No Cholera Says Mugabe!

Over 800 people already have died of cholera in Zimbabwe, hospitals lack drugs, and hundreds of medical staff have left in search of food or to be able to work in a hospital that has basic materials. But, President Robert Mugabe insists talk about an epidemic of cholera is being spread by British and American colonialist minded leaders who want justification to invade his nation an overthrow his corrupt regime. “I am happy to say our doctors have been assisted by others and WHO(World Health Organization).. so now there is not cholera. Because of cholera, Mr. Brown(British Prime Minister) wants military intervention.” Of course, three million people of Zimbabwe have already fled the country seeking jobs and food in South Africa. Hundreds of opposition leaders have been beaten and there are cases of wives being raped by Mugabe directed thugs.

More than 650 cases of cholera have been treated in South Africa because people left Zimbabwe in search of treatment as well as food and shelter. Naturally, Mugabe and his fellow thieves and hoodlums do not have to worry about starvation as do over half the population of the country. Yes, there is no cholera among the families of those running the country.

Zimbabwe Gets Closer To Complete Collapse

President Robert Mugabe has clung to power due to his support from the armed forces and police, but there are some signs even the bastions of his support may be having second thoughts about backing the man who has single handedly destroyed an entire nation. During the past few days, soldiers rioted over not being able to receive pay and they fought in the streets of the capital with armed police. Mugabe has ordered military officers to find the culprits and punish them in order to frighten any who might be considering rebelling against his rule. The sight of rampaging soldiers is a new one for Zimbabwe. But, even more frightening is the continual closing of hospitals due to lack of supplies even as the number of cholera deaths reportedly has topped three thousand.

There are reports hundreds of junior officers are not on duty due to fear of being arrested which means the armed forces will be confronting desertions at a high level. However, Mugabe’s secret service over the years has spread fear among soldiers and operated on the principle of divide and conquer which prevents those from differing tribes to unite against the dictator.

Zmbabwe is as close to complete collapse as any country in the world. Somehow, the UN and the African Union have to exert force and get Mugabe on a plane headed out of the nation.

Mugabe Shouts Invasion While He Assaults Zimbabweans

The Zimbabwe government is telling the world that former colonial powers like Great Britain are preparing to invade the country while Kenya and Botswana demand other African nations join in an effort to overthrow President Mugabe’s failed government which has plunged the nation into complete economic, social and health collapse. Mugabe accused outside forces for being the source of the cholera epidemic which is gathering force and some estimate could lead to over 50,000 deaths. Mugabe spokespeople insist former colonial power, Great Britain is going to use African countries as the spearhead of an invasion. Hospitals lack drugs, materials, food, and staff since people are scrounging everywhere in order to find food to take care of their own families.

It is all well and good for those who hate “colonialism” to blame the current crisis on Great Britain or France or the United States, but it was Mugabe who ruined a nation which once exported food by his foolish program to drive out white farmers. A more sensible policy would have been to work with white farmers on a long range program to have them work with Africans to ensure farms remain productive and at some future time, to sell the land to black Africans. However, Mugabe was more interested in turning over the farms to his cronies and fellow thugs.