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Jamaican Drug Lord A Dud As Leader

The bloody battle of Kingston is drawing to a close with at least 74 dead people and over a hundred wounded while hundreds are now in jail who decided to protect their “Godfather,” Christopher “Dudus” Coke. The streets of Tivoli Gardens in Kingston are littered with debris and body parts as a result of massive police and army attacks on the stronghold of notorious drug lord Chris Coke, who, according to reports, escaped the madness that he created. His father was a drug leader in the famous “Shower Posse”– the name derives from showering enemies with bullets, and he grew up to become leader of the gang. Yes, like a good Godfather, Chris bestowed some of his largesse among the poor people of Tivoli Gardens, but for each crumb they received he undoubtedly receiving millions. It is simply another modern story of “Jesse James,” who “stole from the rich and gave to himself except for the few dollars thrown around to create another myth of the “good robber.”

At last reports, Coke’s children are in safety, but two of his brothers and a sister are dead because while he escaped they remained to fight his battles. I await a Hollywood film starring Chris Coke, “Jamaican Godfather” would be a good title.