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Indonesia Faces Conflict In Papua Province

The International Crisis Group(ICG) warned the Indonesian government of the potential for religious conflict in its eastern province of Papua. A majority of people are Christian which makes it among the few areas where Muslims are in the minority. The ICG report notes “Papua has seen periodic clashes between pro-independence and supporters of government forces, but conflict between Muslim and Christian communities could also erupt unless rising tensions are effectively managed.” Both groups are actively engaged in religious activities and Christians fear the influx of Muslim immigrants which they fear is part of a government plan to reduce the Christian majority. Sydney Jones, of ICG, notes: “The potential for communal conflict is high in Papua because both sides consider themselves aggrieved.”

There is no doubt outside forces play a role in the growing conflict between Muslims and Christians. Muslim extremists are entering Papua and creating new tensions. Christians want to retain their majority while Muslims fear the Christian majority will stifle their rights.

Kenya Muslims Demand Government Keep Promises

The National Muslim Leaders Forum (Namief) criticised some of Kenya’s Muslim leaders for failure to be honest with the government regarding problems encountered by the nation’s Muslim population. They said the government of President Kibaki had treated Muslims with contempt and urged the Muslim community to vote against Kibaki in the upcoming election. Namief was particularly upset at the silence of the Kenya government about imprisonment of Kenya citizens in the Guantanamo prison and supporting American and Ethiopian assaults on the Islamic government of Somalia.

Large areas of East Africa have an extensive Christian population, but there is also a large Muslim presence. The United States and Ethiopia launched an attack that overthrew the Islamic government of Somalia in a war that many African Muslims interpreted to be led by Christians against Muslims. President Bush frequently does not completely grasp the complexities of issues impacting the people of Africa.