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Each day we offer a sample of headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.

Copenhagen Post: “Busy Xmas Criminals”
The Scrooge gang was very busy.

Indonesia, Jakarta Post: “Canada Bans Carry On Luggage”
Does that include the baby?

Turkey, Hurriyet: ‘How Green Is Your Neighborhood”
Rather green, I live in a neighborhood inhabited by Martians.

UK, The Independent: “Rampaging Bull Shot Dead”
Gee, wouldn’t it be great to shoot the rampaging bull of TV –Rush?

Sweden, The Local: ‘Parents Refused Right To Name Son Allah”
I assume, Moses is OK?

Canada, Toronto Star: “Santa, Keep Soldiers Safe”
That’s easy, bring them home.

UK, Guardian: “Queen’s Xmas Message”
Stay off the palace grounds!

South Africa, Argus: “Robbery Trauma Leaves Scar”
You wouldn’t understand the trauma felt by the robber.

Australia, Canberra Times: “Mother Forgot Toddler In Car”
That’s what happens when you have a baby that doesn’t cry a lot.

Sweden, The Local: “Christmas Chocolate Thieves Caught”
OK, kids, return the chocolate

Irish Priest Sexual Abuse Debate Goes On

A recent report on the existence of child sexual abuse in Catholic churches continues to reverberate throughout Ireland. Bishops Eamon Walsh and Raymond Field were the latest members of the Catholic clergy to resign after evidence emerged there had been neglect in protecting the rights of children. They issued a statement: “As we celebrate the Feast of Christmas, the birth of our Savior, the Prince of Peace, it is our hope that our action may help bring the peace and reconciliation of Jesus Christ to the victims/survivors of child sexual abuse.” Dublin Labor Councilor Aodhan O Riordain added his own hope, “as a principal of a Catholic school, I feel we can hide from the debate no longer.”

What is the debate about? As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who was born 2009 years ago, we should recall that the early leaders of the Christian church were not celibate and had families and enjoyed healthy and normal sexual lives Perhaps, it is time to return to the original views of the Christian church?