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Room At The Church Inn In Denmark?

Asylum seekers from Iraq who face deportation back to the continuing chaos in their homeland are seeking refuge in churches in order to secure some place of peace. The Danish government agreed to return almost 300 refugees to Iraq. In an effort to avoid returning to chaos and violence, hundreds of Iraqis sought refuge in the Narrebo Church. As one refugee commented; ” I didn’t come here just to make money. I want to be alive and didn’t want to be killed,” particularly since many members of his family were killed in Iraq. Many of those facing deportation do not speak Arabic and are fluent in Danish or English, and do not have family back in Iraq.

A high percent of the refugees have been in Denmark for more than five years and have become Danes in many aspects of their lives. There is nothing awaiting them back in Iraq but death and loneliness. Even Syria has allowed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to be refugees in their country, surely, Denmark can allow a few hundred to remain.