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Nonbelievers Caught Praying In Church!

I am a visitor from the planet of Xul which lies millions of miles away in a lonely part of the universe and my task is to visit this place called, Earth and learn about its quaint ideas and practices. I was rather intrigued about an incident the other day in Spain where a group of Muslims decided to pray in a Catholic church despite the fact they were Muslims. The original church building in the spot was the Grand Mosque of Cordoba which was built after the Muslim invasion of Spain, but when Christian forces took the area in 1236 the mosque was replaced by a beautiful Catholic church. A group of 120 Muslims from Austria entered the church and proceeded to pray to their Muslim gods or whatever, an activity that aroused the anger and curiosity of guards. Security personnel told these people to quit praying in a church unless they wanted to pray to the real God or Son of God, or whatever. The Muslim tourists insisted they had a right to pray in a church, a stance that eventually resulted in more police. A court date was set for their appearance.

I gather the charges will be loitering and praying to someone who is not of the Christian faith while in a church which seeks to have people pray– but, pray only to the “right Gods.” I assume. I assume there will soon be on Planet Earth, “praying police” who supervise all praying in a church in order to ensure one and all are praying to the right person–or God. Anyone caught praying to the wrong person or God or son of God will be compelled to pray for an entire week outside in the sun.

Swedish Gays Wait On Church Approval

The Swedish parliament’s new law which grants gays and lesbians the right to have a legal marriage came into effect on May 1st but there will be a delay in making the law operational until the Lutheran Church which was the state church until 2000 makes a decision as to whether the church will sanction such marriages. According to a church official: “the new law implies a change in the marriage ceremony, and the Church has to be given a chance to take a stand on that.” However, he also noted there has been no evidence that gays or lesbians are rushing to the Lutheran Church in order to get married.

Most probably the delay stems from historic reasons and does not reflect an attempt to circumvent the law. One can assume that many gays and lesbians have no interest in having a church ceremony and certainly non-Christians couldn’t care less. Gays and lesbians have waited for years so, hopefully, a few more months will be endurable.

Turkey First– Religious Center For All Faiths!

An old man’s wish to build a mosque that would be open to any branch of the Muslim religion, even Alevis who are hated by most Muslims, has escalated into a major project which eventually will include religious facilities for those of all faiths. Ihsan Dogramaci, 93, a prominent Turkish businessman, who is founder of Turkey’s first private university, wanted to build a mosque and then decided the complex should include a synagogue for Jews and a church for Christians. He intended to carry out the wishes of his father who wanted a mosque that was open to both Alevis and Sunnis, but he went further than his father’s dream and decided to include a synagogue and a chapel. “All of them can pray at the same place,” he told the Turkish Daily News.

Before this interfaith edifice can become a reality, the Directorate of Religious Affairs must give its consent to this unusual center of religion. Sunni tradition requires entrance to the mosque must have a separate path from any leading to the other religious facilities. However, a major difficulty stems from Alevi beliefs which differ from those of Sunnis and even prayer would be different. Many Muslims do not regard Alevis as being part of their religion and view them as separate from Muslim culture and beliefs.

On hsi r ecent visit to Iraq, Prime Minister Recep Erdogan made clear to Shiite leaders, “I am neither Shiite nor Sunni, I am a Muslim.” Hopefully, he can show the same tolerance toward those who are Alevi.